Navy blue and sparkly shoes

Navy blue and sparkly shoes

Hi everyone….happy Thursday!  Today, I am answering reader questions in a post called Navy blue and sparkly shoes.

I completely understand that many of you do not read every post and may miss previous information.

So, I am answering a couple of questions today and there may be some of you who already know this information.

Patience please as we keep everyone informed.

At the end of this post, I will explain the blogging schedule as I enter wedding weekend.

Thanks for being here…let’s get started.


navy blue and sparkly shoes

I was asked if I made any purchases in my recent flybys to Talbots.

Well…yes…I did!  I loved this navy blue outfit so much that I did bring it home.


I liked it with the WASHED LINEN WIDE LEG PANTS in indigo blue. There are three colors. These are also a size large.  

I first shared it with you in the post called Talbots Mother’s Day Specials.

This outfit is so comfortable and I believe flattering and really light for summer.

I have worn the pants with other garments as well.

Since I decided to live as the autumn palette woman I am, I have worn many navy blue pieces.  

It is my best neutral in addition to the creamy off white colors I wear.

This outfit reflects my style adjectives beautifully…polished, creative, approachable, joyful and current.  

At this moment…navy blue is a summer favorite going into the season.

OH YES…someone always asks about this straw handbag…I found it at a consignment shop years ago and still love it!


navy blue and sparkly shoes

Ah yes…gold sparkly shoes…and I love them and will wear them again.

However, I was asked a couple of days ago what shoes I am wearing with my gown at the wedding.

The answer is…two shoes!

navy blue and sparkly shoes

My walk down the aisle will be with these lovely flat, blue velvet shoes on my feet.

Both pair of shoes are from Jack Rogers….I am going to link to their website, and you can also find the shoes at Nordstrom, and Dillards (type in Jack Rogers Shoes in the search bar).

The Jack Rogers Memorial Day Sale gives you 30% off with the code SUMMER.

These lovely blue velvet shoes were sold out in the end of season sale after winter.

Now my sparkly shoes are still available…they are the LIA GLITTER SNEAKER.

The sparkly shoes are my dancing shoes!  I will change into them at the reception.

The song I will dance with my son to is by Rascal Flatts and called My Wish.  (The link is the lyrics)

I cannot even listen to it without crying…it will be a special moment for both of us, so…..

Bring on the sparkly shoes!

But, you will see them again…so cute with jeans!

I discovered this brand last year and I am now a big fan.   Check out that sale.

navy blue and sparkly shoes

These are the Sheec Socks I will wear with the sparkly shoes. 

The Secret 3.0 High Cut is a great liner for sneakers.


navy blue and sparkly shoes

Wedding crunch time begins today, ladies.  I will be here with new content on Saturday with the styling challenge collaboration with Jennifer.

Then I hope, hope, hope….I will be here on Monday with new content…depending on my energy level.

Please watch for new content on Monday…at the latest on Tuesday.

I am excited about the styling challenge I have for you on Saturday… and look forward to reading your ideas on how to style the look.  SO make sure you are here to participate.

The audience loves the style tip challenges!

Now, any questions about this post on Navy Blue and Sparkly Shoes??

I hope as the Memorial Day Sales pop up, you will consider using my SHOPPING LINKS page to go to your favorite brands.  Many have already started the sales, such as Jack Rogers shoes.

I so appreciate your support…your assistance got me to this weekend and you have been invaluable with your advice and ideas…now join me as we all…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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navy blue and sparkly shoes




  1. My very best wishes to your son & new daughter in law as they embark on life’s journey together. May they know nothing but God’s blessings. Enjoy your celebration weekend Pam!

  2. I can picture your smile and graciousness as you and your family enjoy the sacred marriage of your son and future daughter-in-law this weekend. Thank you for sharing the journey. So many of us will be there in spirit. Celebrations galore.

  3. I’m Sending you and your precious family love and happiness as you head into this wonderful wedding weekend. You are amazing and will (as always) look beautiful. Keep your toes happy and your smile will follow!
    Love this navy outfit! Since navy/ white is one of my own go to combinations I just love it!

  4. I listened to the lyrics of your dance song and thought how I’d never get through that song without crying. Then I read your next statement about crying. I well remember when our two sons, our only children, got married. I was distracted by the antics of the little ring bearer and flower girl which kept me from ugly crier as I can definitely do. I’m an easy crier and cry often since songs, tv commercials, written words make me cry. Now…your shoes ! ❤️ The blue velvet are so beautiful and classy while the gold sneakers are fun and appropriate for the situation! I truly hope that these last few days before the big event are calm with no major or minor disturbances. It’s all over so quickly after months of preparation, but with sweet memories.

  5. Best wishes for a wonderfully special wedding weekend – enjoy every special moment! When my son got married, I listened to the song we would dance to at least 2 dozen times ahead of the big day – and got all my crying done ahead of time!

  6. Have a joyous wedding weeken with your family. I’m sure it will be perfect because you and the brides family has put so much love into it.

  7. Wow, that song says it all. I will be sending that to my youngest. He just started a big new job this week, and your song choice is a wonderful way for a mother to express her love and hope for her beloved children. ❤️ Wishing you all the happiest of times this weekend, and a lifetime of joy to the bride and groom!

  8. Wishing you a weekend of joy and gratitude. We will be here waiting for your window into this celebration melding the lives of your two families. FYI – LOVE the blue outfit, so flattering. AND that top looks better on you than the model! You “Pamed” that look.

  9. Wishing you & your family much joy & happiness during this entire wedding weekend. The song you have chosen for your mother/son dance is beautiful & tear inducing. Enoy the celebration!

  10. Having just gone through my son’s wedding, I will wish you the same joy and happiness that we all experienced. The mother-sone dance was so special, and my son and I smiled our way through it. I managed to find a 2.5 inch heel that was comfortable out of the box — a minor miracle – but I love your shoe choices. You will be stunning as always, and your smile will fill the room. Have a wonderful wedding weekend!!!

  11. Thank you for taking us on the wedding journey with us. My son and daughter in law have been married 27 years and have given me four wonderful grandchildren. May God bless your family and the new family joining yours this weekend.

  12. Oh Pam I bet you are so excited.I am sure everything will go well and there will be so many special moments to cherish. Don’t look to o far ahead and just enjoy the celebrations as they happen. I love your choice of shoes too and the blue ones are gorgeous.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  13. My Wish by Rascal Flats is the song I danced with my son at his wedding reception. I very quietly sang some of the lyrics to him. I get weepy every time I hear the song now. Best Wishes to your son and his bride.

  14. You and your family are in my prayers as you celebrate your sons wedding this weekend! I hope everything goes as planned, but if it doesn’t, I hope you can find humor in the inevitable mishaps. It has been such a joy to share in your journey as mother of the groom, and I can’t wait for your recaps, but only when you are are rested and up to sharing with us. Wishing you many blessings and big smiles this weekend!

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