Summer fashions for mature women

summer fashions for mature women

Happy Fashion Friday, friends!  Today, summer fashions for mature women are on my mind.

This will be the first of many discussions about summer fashions for mature women, but since they are hitting the stores, let’s begin the discussion.

Though I cannot link to the clothes I am wearing today, they make for great illustrations for this beginning talk….and I still have links and ideas to show you.

So, as I end the spring with many celebrations, let’s also begin the new fashion season and look at summer fashions for mature women.


summer fashions for mature women

This is another of the Italian silk pieces I have discovered at a local boutique, Elizabeth’s Boutique in San Antonio.

These represent how summer fashions for mature women need to be light & airy.

First of all, I was attending my local grandson’s preschool graduation this week…on one side is his cousin who has been with me this week, and on the other side a trash can…thus the skinny edits of the images.

My visiting grandson was eating mass quantities of Goldfish crackers at this time.

Any way….summer for mature women can get rather warm…especially in the South…so, I always look for garments that are light & airy.

summer fashions for mature women

It seems since I crossed over 50, I have been hot-natured all of the time!

The Italian silk is cool and just blows with the warm air and feels amazing on my skin.

But, there are many light and airy summer fashions for mature women hitting the stores….here are a few.


summer fashions for mature women


Summer fashions for mature women definitely include color…lots of color!

This takes us to dreaming about our vacations and summers with family, plus color always communicates joy and fun!!

Here are some summer fashions for mature women with color!


summer fashions for mature women

When I saw these summer accessories at JJILL, I was reminded that summer fashions include light & airy, and colorful accessories as well.

This is the Garden Delights Dragonfly Pendant.

There are also Garden Delights Dragonfly Earrings.

When I think of dragonflies, I think light & airy!

summer fashions for mature women

JJILL also displayed these casual beads in a beautiful blue.

These are the Seaside Oasis Multicolored Fabric Beaded Necklaces in three summer colors.

Now, here are more summer accessories recently released…..

That should get you into a summer state of mind where I am…do you see any ideas here for your own summer wardrobe?

Leave your thoughts on the first summer fashions for mature women…have a glorious Friday…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided a few items for this post, and the words are my own.

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Summer fashions for mature women



  1. Love the green layered dress you got at a boutique. You look awesome in it. Did see any goldfish cracker crumbs on it though!
    All the clothes you’ve shown today are beautiful and cheerful.

  2. Yes…the past four days I have been covered in Goldfish crackers, chocolate milk, apples and bananas!

  3. Pam – I hope you brought that column of red outfit home. Everything in it – the red, the kimono, the chunky gold necklace are you.

  4. I did not bring it home, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love it! I wish I could bring home all my favorites!

  5. I really love your style. It would be nice to know the sizing on your outfits to better know what works and what doesn’t and if there is a need to size up or down in the particular items.

  6. The kimono is gorgeous. Is there a link for it? Keep wearing the green ruffled dress. It perfect for you.

  7. I too just love your look in the silk (airy) dress and scarf. Its really beautiful.
    Even though we have been re-visited by cooler Canadian air this past week we will be warming up with added humidity. This is the week that I haul out my true summery clothes to press. ( I put things away washed or dry cleaned, but not ironed. ) I’ll be pressing those cottons which most wrinkle. My linens are hung up.
    Thanks for sharing some great summery pieces!

  8. And thanks for sharing your process of switching to the summer season, Paulette. We will be longing for cool weather soon.

  9. For me, it’s usually about the accessories. I love straw and rattan in the summer. I even have raffia earrings! I also like pearls, turquoise and coral. I do wear more silver in the summer vs gold (as a blue autumn, I fortunately have the choice). I have those rubber (plastic?) Birkenstocks you show in the slideshow, and they require no break in period, are incredibly comfortable, and can be hosed off if muddy. Since last summer, I’ve added more shorts, because they are cool and sometimes it’s too hot here even for thin ankle pants (I’m in the no Capri camp :)). This year I’ve added a couple of gauze or linen big shirts to wear over them, either buttoned alone or over a cami or tank. One of the looks i’ve come to like on a cooler evening is a beachy, open sweater or anything with long sleeves over shorts. Because I spend so much time at the pool, I find I don’t wear as many “real” clothes in the summer, which is fortunate, because in general I don’t like summer fashion. Give me a sweater any day!

  10. There are many in Texas who don’t wear real clothes in the summer as it heats up. I get that and I also love straw and rattan bags!

  11. Pamela, I love this post all about color as your style and mine are almost identical. I’m sure both of our closets look like rainbows. I’ve had my eye on that Chico’s floral clip dot blouse and just put it in my cart using your link. You are my favorite blogger and your page is the first thing I read every morning. You are so genuine and always have great suggestions for us. Don’t ever change because you are the best!

  12. Pam, you look just radiant in the colors and lovely in the teal (?) dress from Elizabeth’s. Thanks for all the demos and choices. I’m going out of my comfort zone and getting the Sundance pants you showed. My luck with Sundance is kind of hit or miss, so fingers crossed.

  13. Loving the ‘Italian’ silk dress on you and shall add, their designs and how they dress really appeals to me as feel they are not necessarily trend intimidated. As to summer dressing where I live we are still waiting for Spring …. Lol! As to the links you provided though not usually one who leans towards floral prints; do like # 12 & 16 in the garments and #6 in accessories. -Brenda-

  14. Thanks Brenda! I will have to go back and check your numbers out! Thanks!

  15. My older granddaughter will be receiving her master’s degree in late July which here in the Midwest usually means hot & humid weather, so I will certainly be looking for light airy pieces for that day. You look lovely in all the pieces you have shown today.

  16. What a wonderful post! Today it is 60* here with wind gusts up to 20 miles an hour. It is hard to believe that summer will ever come. You give me hope. You look lovely, cheerful, and calm in these beautiful outfits! How wonderful to have had your grandson with you. Kids keep you grounded! The wedding is almost here!

  17. Dressing for Texas summers is hard, but you’ve given us some great ideas! I bookmarked one of those Sundance dresses, in case I decide to buy myself a bday present. Happy one-week-til-the-wedding! I hope it’s all coming together well, and that you enjoy every minute of next weekend’s events. Can’t wait for your wedding recaps and family photos!

  18. Sale alerts for my fellow readers: Sundance is offering 25% off plus free shipping today (Sunday) so I have ordered two of their dresses that Pam featured, hoping at least one will serve as summer wardrobe staple. I love their clothing but rarely feel like I can splurge on their full-price items. Thanks to Pamela for getting these on my radar screen – can’t wait to try them! I also ordered some of the Vionic Kaytie suede wedge sandals you featured a few weeks ago in the “comfy shoes” post. Those work really well in spite of my many foot issues that include a hammer toe, bunion, and Morton’s neuromas. Highly recommend getting them in every color while Dillard’s has them on clearance for $80 instead of the usual $110.

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