Summer seaside styles with Chico’s

seaside styles with Chico's

Happy Thursday, friends!  Today, I would like to show you the discoveries I made of summer seaside styles at Chico’s.

If you love sea shells and waves, you just may be a fan of the new seaside styles at Chico’s in the prints and colors offered.

When I recently stopped by the shop, I was taken with these designs.

I am like many of you and think of the ocean during the summer months…and I would love to hear about the ocean trips you have planned for summer.

So, let’s get started with the summer seaside styles at Chico’s I found.


seaside styles with Chico's

Since I was focusing on the prints and seaside styles at Chico’s, I only tried them with two pants.

I really like the feel of these white Cotton Blend Wide Leg Crops.

Each top here with white pants is featured with this wide leg crop.

This is the very comfy No Iron Stretch 3/4 Sleeve Shells Shirt.  The color is called Tropical Jade.

seaside styles with Chico's

The seaside styles at Chico’s just communicate comfort and vacation.

I really like the seashell swirls in this top…very pretty and has the rounded hem for a more flattering fit.

This is the Linen Fringe Sleeve Shell Print Tee.  

The dominant color here is the classic navy and the linen is very soft and cool.

seaside styles with Chico's

These garments definitely say summer seaside styles.

This is the Embellished Starfish Tee and the color is the tropical jade.

The design is bold for sure.


seaside styles with Chico's

The summer seaside styles at Chico’s include tops which can be worn as swimsuit coverups or as ponchos or tunics.

Here I am wearing an excellent example of a great swimsuit coverup.

This is the Shell Print Embellished Tunic…and the shell print is lovely.  The color is appropriately called Poolside Blue.

It is quite sheer.  In order to wear it as a tunic, you will most likely want a tank to go underneath.

I tried it on with these very comfortable Linen Button Hem Crops in the color Indigo.

seaside styles with Chico's

Here is another that would work well for both coverup and top.

This is the Seashell Print Tassel Poncho in the poolside blue.

If you desire to use it for both, I would recommend staying true to size.  This one is a smaller size for me and would really only work for a top.

I like a coverup to actually coverup most of the suit.


seaside styles with Chico's

Here are a very ideas for summer seaside styles at Chico’s that do not have seashells on the print.

This is the No Iron Linen Print Button Back Tunic…in Harbour Green.

The buttons down the back are a slimming design technique.

seaside style with Chico's

Back to the poolside blue with this linen top.

This is the Linen Blue Dots Tie Front Tee.

A comfy look for around the seaside in the evenings.

seaside styles with Chico's

I am sharing this outfit again, because it says summer seaside style with Chico’s to me.

This is the Fringe Sleeve Banana Print Tee with the Girlfriend Double Fray Crops in Golden Haze. The sun can certainly be included in seaside styles with Chico’s.

summer seaside styles with Chico's

summer seaside styles with Chico's

Just because these beautiful pants have the name “dolphin” in the description, I thought they should go with summer seaside styles at Chico’s.

They are so lovely and come in the black trim and the neutral trim.

These are the Dolphin Hem Pull-On Crops.

Very pretty.

seaside styles with Chico's

Another very “seaside style with Chico’s” are these fun earrings (love the raffia ones) for summer.

And these Floral Drop Earrings on sale…are stunning for seaside styles.

seaside styles with Chico's

seaside styles with Chico's

And there are many lovely necklaces in the summer seaside styles at Chico’s category…great way to pump up a summer evening by the sea.

The top picture is the Adjustable Pendant Necklace.

The second necklace is the Shell and Wood necklace…both are on sale.  This necklace is stunning worn with black.

Those are my features today for the summer seaside styles with Chico’s….let us know if you have an ocean vacation planned for summer.  I love to sit by the sea right now and relax.

Thanks for being here…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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seaside styles with Chico's


  1. You look fantastic in all these outfits, especially the jade color ones. I hope some came home with you.
    Love beach and sea themed prints for summer. Will definitely get to my Chico’s this week to check them out. They’ll be perfect for my June trip to the Ocean.

  2. Such colorful items from Chico’s. And they look so good on you! You’ve shown us so many summery items which would be ideal for our hot summer ahead. Just yesterday we decided to go with our son to Fernandina Beach which is on the Atlantic coast of Florida. He will be updating his legal education credits and we will enjoy the beach, so yes, we have an ocean adventure ahead in a few weeks.

  3. There is just something calming about the ocean! Enjoy your celebration, Celia!

  4. You found some great looks that are perfect vacation wear. Really like that Tropical Jade shirt on you. Its a great color for you. Sadly no vacation for me again this year. My husband has serious mobility issues so travel is a thing of the past. Luckily I have many lovely memories.

  5. The times I have been limited in trips and been at home more, have been precious to me, Kathie. I love to spend time at home and hope you can love it as well. Caring for your husband is so important. No ocean, but you can discover lots of joy and peace right where you are.

  6. Thanks Pamela. We live in the mountains in western North Carolina. Its gorgeous here. Our home is in a rural setting, woods out back and lots of wildlife. I have no complaints though I do l miss the water. I lived on a lake for many years and the water still calls me.

  7. Cute outfits, and I especially like one of the Chico’s pearl and bead necklaces. We will likely be staying fairly close to home this summer, but with our Oregon coastline just little over an hour away, we usually find our way there several times during the season. Nobody dresses in the Chico’s version of summer coastal up here. It’s a bit cool and much more rugged than many beach areas one might visit, but so wonderful. It’s more of a 🏕 camp-type expedition to visit our windswept and forested coastal areas.

  8. Chicos has some very nice things for summer. We are heading to South Carolina and Georgia next week to spend some much needed ocean/ beach time. We have had snow on the ground forever. I might not want to come back home!! I’ll have to check out Chicos maybe on the trip. You gave me some great ideas!

  9. I just love all of these beautiful coastal looks! Blues and greens are me I guess! Yet- you’re an Autumn and You look stunning in everything!
    Thanks for sharing Pam!

  10. I know when I was in Cabo I did not really want to return…the seaside life is addictive. Enjoy, Paula.

  11. I know the Oregon coastline is beautiful…you are blessed to be so close.

  12. I think our ideas of what is beachy and worn by the sea are formed by where we live. The clothes you are wearing say ‘Florida vacation’ to me, but who knows? Certainly, living by the ocean in RI, I can tell you that only tourists dress like this in bold prints. Coastal weather is unpredictable, so chinos or canvas shorts and ankle pants are suitable. (Preppy folks wear plaids.) Tops are often polo shirts or tees or weathered button-downs. A sweatshirt or heavy cotton sweater and a windbreaker are required … also hats that stay on in the wind (e.g., baseball caps) and sneakers are common.

  13. I realize Maeve is correct about coastal New England wear — khaki shorts, tennis shirts etc, preppy or utilitarian are much more the style. I live in coastal Ma. and spent years at our beach house on the ocean in Maine. But I love the Caribbean Chico style! I ordered the I think jade (turquoise to me) shirt you modeled Pam. It has the summery vibe I love no matter where we live in the US plus fits with my Scandinavian coloring! Some really lovely shirts!

  14. My home is a 10 minute walk to the ocean in Japan— a vacation spot for hardworking Tokyoites. We would identify this style as Aloha or Hawaii inspired. Here we love everything Hawaiian —our closest US vacation spot, which might be why! We also have similar tropical, beachy styling from our southern most island, Okinawa. These clothes certainly signal relaxation and vacation in my book, especially the shell and starfish motif tops. Can’t beat it! Thanks so much for sharing Chicos with us. No Chicos here, but I can dream, can’t I!

  15. With few exceptions, these items are way overpriced and are extremely matronly. And I’m 70.

  16. Thanks for voicing your opinion, but I did this post because there are women who like them. So glad we are not all the same!

  17. Chico is a very good place to shop for great clothing. Most of the staff that work in the chico stores are great.

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