Talbots June arrivals with Leigh & Me

Talbots June arrivals

Happy Tuesday, all!  I welcome you today to see Talbots June arrivals with Leigh & Me!

That is right…Leigh Ann is back today and ready to try on petite styles in Talbots June arrivals just for you.

She has been so busy, but recently called and said…Let’s Shop!

The wonderful staff and customers at Talbots in the Village at Stone Oak were also prime to have some fun with us…it was a multi-girl shopping party in the dressing room area.

They have a great staff at this location to serve San Antonio ladies.

So, please join us to see Talbots June Arrivals in Petite and Misses sizes…hope you have fun with Leigh & Me as well.


Talbots June arrivals

One of the reasons Leigh Ann & I like to shop Talbots is because they have such excellent selections for petites.

And, though I no longer shop the Women’s Sizes, I might add that the selections for plus size are just as vast.

The Talbots June arrivals include this lovely Ikat medallion print.

Leigh Ann is wearing the Relaxed Chino Shorts in a size 8P.

She decided to be a little different and styled them with this Eyelet Trim Shell, size PM, in the color Heritage Green. It matched the green in the shorts perfectly.

Talbots June arrivals

Dresses are throughout the Talbots June arrivals…ready to keep ladies cool and looking fabulous.

Leigh Ann looks so good in their dresses, skirts and shorts!

Here is another signature print from the Talbots June arrivals, called Pretty Primrose.

Wearing an 8P, Leigh Ann is in the Voile Fit & Flare Dress.

It was actually Leigh Ann a few years ago who convinced me the value of casual summer dresses and how essential they are in a warm climate.


Talbots June arrivals

This top in the same print comes in petite but they were out in store.

This is the Primrose Border Shell in a Misses Small.  It is really cute.

Leigh Ann tried it on with white Jegging Crop pant in an 8P.

Talbots June arrivals

Here is another cute, casual, throw on for errands or lunch kind of dress.

This is the Jersey Split Neck Dress in a Petite Small.

I do want to note that Leigh Ann was wishing they had a Petite Medium.  She would have preferred a little more room in this one.

Talbots June Arrivals

Want to be the best dressed at the July 4th picnic?  Consider this outfit on Leigh Ann.

She is wearing the FLORAL FLAG CREWNECK TEE  (PM) with the RELAXED CHINO SEERSUCKER CUFF SHORTS In red pop and in a size 6.  Super cute shorts.

Talbots June arrivals

I saved the best for last.  We both loved this dress.

The color is vibrant and gorgeous…and it can be dressed up or down…it could even be wedding guest worthy with the right accessories.  It is a beautiful dress.

This is the Embroidered Neck Shift Dress in poolside blue and size PM.  Both of us thought it to be the most impressive knit dress we have seen so far this year.

So nice to have Leigh Ann back, even for a short time, for all of you petites out there.


Talbots June Arrivals

Talbots June Arrivals

My sizing at Talbots remains all over the place, but I am now solidly in the Misses camp.

Here is what I found in the Talbots June arrivals signature print of Ikat Medallion.

This is the PRINTED WOVEN PONCHO in a large.  I also have a white tee underneath the poncho.

I paired it with the RELAXED CHINO in white and a size 16.

Talbots June Arrivals

I thought this top was so cute…and I reached for it at the same time as another shopper…I let her have the large.

This is an X-large so it is longer on me.  The top is the WOVEN SLEEVE HENLEY TEE in the Spring Moss/White color.

I tried in on with the PEDAL PUSHER JEANS in Skye Wash…size 16.

Talbots June Arrivals

For those of you in cooler climates, I really liked both of these pieces and would consider them in the navy blue or grey for early fall.

The pants are so comfy and soft.  They are the PIMA TERRY STRAIGHT LEG CROP PANTS in size large.  I love the detail seams on the side.

The top is the MOCKNECK JACKET in TOPIC STRIPE.  Very comfortable and warm.  The first comment says it was itchy…I would have to disagree.  The one I tried on was not itchy.

Here are a few more items we saw in store and liked in the Talbots June Arrivals:

Talbots June Arrivals

Well, that is it for shopping Talbots June Arrivals with Leigh & Me.

She is gong to do her best to pop in every now and then…and I love it when she does.

Let us know if you have any questions, ladies, and make sure that you…..


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  1. Just spent hours in Talbot’s with my sister Memorial Day weekend. I liked the blue dress that Leigh Ann is wearing, but they didn’t have it in petites in store, and being that it’s S, M, L, and not specific sizes, I’d have to try it on. While I’m not feeling the florals, there is much to like! The staff is wonderful and so helpful, and something I appreciate is that they aren’t playing strange music and the sales staff isn’t teenagers. They have some beautiful things for summer as you found out from the photos. My sister and I walked out with many bags that day! Seems there is some for many style esthetics at Talbot’s.

  2. LOL…on the music and teen employees…I get it and agree that is nice. I remember the shopping fun with your sister and so glad you had fun this year.

  3. Talbots has nice selections this spring, and you ladies looked great! I agree on the blue dress. It is beautiful and versatile. I got a few pieces in the recent sale, including navy and black pants, and a marked down fleece quarter zip. My sizing is all over the map too. I “knew” the T line ran small, and sized up. It swam on me. Yet another top in the same size was almost too small. Part of this is Talbots and part of it it is just my body … when I’m kind of between misses and women’s, it’s a bit of a no man’s land (no woman’s) out there. Looking forward to the time when there is enough weight loss to be more firmly in the misses camp. Clothes are cheaper and the selection is a lot better.

  4. Smiling at Karen’s comment about strange music and teenage sales assistants! What a delight to see Leigh back. Double smiles. I was going to avoid Talbots and wait for Autumn pieces to trickle in , but I may have to stop in and look around! There may be a few gems that speak to me. That heritage green looks like it is teal-ish. The knit dress wouldn’t work for me but is simply gorgeous. Thank you, ladies!

  5. I had a $20 coupon for Talbot’s and spent about an hour looking for something close to my autumn palette which is a real challenge this time of year. I don’t wear florals and find most prints too busy so I found the selection somewhat limited. From what I can see you and Leigh Ann modeling I would guess your Talbot’s is larger and better stocked than the one here. I was happy to find the eyelet trim top Leigh Ann tried on in green. Its not an autumn green but for some reason I can get away with almost any green. I found it ran small. I’m always a PM at Talbot’s but found the PL to be a better fit, Interesting to see the pedal pusher jeans. I bought a pair a few years ago. They are very comfortable and a good alternative to shorts especially for working in the garden.

  6. I wrote a long post and just as I finished, it disappeared as we talked about recently. Strange technology glitches, I suppose. I essentially said that I need to drive down to Tallahassee to go to Talbots and Dillards in particular to look and touch several items you have shown here including the Eileen Fisher items. I’m always happy to see Leigh Ann with you since I also wear petites.

  7. That is true, Linda. I am now solidly in Misses, however, at Talbots, I am in between large and x large. I will be be glad when I am solidly Large. I completely understand.

  8. Yes…that Heritage green is for us autumn palettes…it is so pretty.
    Would be a great layering piece. Thanks Deborah.

  9. I have no idea why that happens and then allows another message in…technology can be frustrating and I apologize for the challenges you have faced with comments, Celia.

  10. Some cute outfits! Love your try ons! Is your true size a misses large now, or did the woven sleeve striped Henley top just run large? Did anything come home with you or Leigh?

  11. So glad you and Leigh Ann found some time to go shopping together. She looks so cute in her outfits. I love the aqua striped jacket you modeled, Pam, and the emerald and gold colored earrings in the carousel.

  12. Hello there! I really enjoy when Leigh Ann is able to be with you to try on for petites as I shop at Talbots for my mom who is also a petite lady. I thought both of your picks were great but I especially liked the poncho on you and the red shorts and blue floral flag tee. You both have impeccable style and it’s a joy to read your blog thanks for always brightening my day.

  13. I believe that top runs just a little large, Sandy. Leigh Ann actually purchased the patriotic tee, and a denim skirt. I am very close to purchasing the pedal pushers.

  14. If I lived in a cooler climate, I would wear that jacket. I liked it. Thanks Connie.

  15. So nice to see Leigh Ann back! I liked her choices but don’t wear dresses much. I am not a fan of the short sleeves that are angled out, but Talbots seems to love them – a loss for me because otherwise the dresses and tops are pretty. The blue dress is lovely. Thank you, too, for trying the striped top with the solid sleeves. I was wondering how it would look and voila, there you are. I don’t wear pedal pushers out but agree with Kathy that they’re great for garden work. I’ve bought a couple of pairs of shorts this spring and feel set for summer. Thanks for modeling!

  16. So great to see Leigh Ann back. You both look so slender. I’m usually not a fan of shorts, but those red seersucker might change my mind.

  17. Always happy to see a post from Talbot’s. I like their more classic items and pants. True sizes are all over the place.
    What did you think of the green/white stripe linen shirt that I saw hanging in your dressing room.

  18. So cute…aren’t they Marcia. I wish they looked that great on me!

  19. The reason I did not post how I looked in it was because it was not a great look…just too long and shapeless on me. I tried it as a shirt alone and as a topper over a tee and sadly did not like it. That shirt was the main garment I wanted to try on for me. I do not like to post negative pictures, but forgot you could see it behind me.

  20. It’s so good to see LeighAnn back for a visit! Shopping with a friend is so much fun, while going alone often feels like a chore. I always trust a friend to be more honest with me about how something looks, while the sales staff will say anything looks great to make a sale. Although many of these items are out of our “autumn” color range, you look so trim and joyful in them! I especially love that blue dress on LeighAnn and the ikat poncho on you. Thanks for braving the stores on our behalf!

  21. The staff at the Talbot’s in my area is most helpful. They don’t carry many women’s petite items in store, but I try on the regular women’s in my size & using the measurements provided, the staff helps me figure out if it will work for me & orders what I need for home delivery. I am considering the primrose print dress that Leigh Ann modeled. I have a graduation to attend near the end of July, & I think that dress would be cool & comfortable. I don’t wear many dresses these days, but I might take the plunge with that one. Thanks for taking us along on your shopping trip.

  22. Love the colors, that shopping area was my favorite and it was close to where I lived. I’ve shopped at that Talbots. Miss that area of San Antonio. Those petite dresses were really nice.

  23. Thanks so much…we do this for you guys more than for us. That is why I try on so many colors out of my autumn wheelhouse.

  24. Always glad to help, Becky! So glad you saw something that might work for your graduation.

  25. OH, I wish I had known you when you were here Linda. Love to pop in to that Starbucks for a green tea in between stores!

  26. As a loyal, over 40 year Talbots customer I so appreciate the ambience in the stores as well as the customer service, immaculate dressing rooms and cleanliness of the stores. I own pants and shorts that are 10 years old as well as skirts that are hitting almost 20! Now that I’m retired and living in a very hot climate my needs are so different but Talbots has always been my go to. Sometimes I’m not thrilled with a line but I know all I have to do is wait a month to see all new clothes!

  27. It was so nice to meet you and Leigh Ann in the store recently! I’m one of the team members from the Talbots store you visited and you are so right about a party in the fitting room area! What fun it is to have a girlfriend to shop with! You and Leigh Ann looked great in all the items you posted. We can’t wait for you to come back and see us again!

  28. Hi Louise! You have such a great team of employees at your location and it was a fun day! I can guarantee we will be back! Thanks for such wonderful service.

  29. It was so nice to meet you and Leigh Ann in the store recently! I’m one of the team members from the Talbots store you visited and you are so right about a party in the fitting room area! What fun it is to have a girlfriend to shop with! You and Leigh Ann looked great in all the items you posted. Thank you for your kind remarks about our store. We can’t wait for you to come back and see us again!

  30. Hi Lou, I did comment back to you when I saw your original comment. Many of my readers also found great looks they loved in this collection. I will return!

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