Elevate fall casual with Clara Sun Woo

fall casual with Clara Sun Woo

Happy final Monday in August, everyone!  Of course, I have fall on my mind….so join me today in how I elevate fall casual with Clara Sun Woo.

Pretty sure that I am the only front porch in my neighborhood already decorated for Fall! 

But, pictures of fall clothing just are not the same with spring and summer decor in the background!

Thinking of fall just makes me smile and I am ready to begin a transition with my wardrobe in that direction.

But, there are a few challenges with that, so I am so glad to have Clara Sun Woo’s assistance1

Please allow me to explain how to elevate fall casual with Clara Sun Woo.


fall casual with Clara Sun Woo

I have several meetings and luncheons ahead of me in September, so I do desire to have a more elevated fall casual style.

Clara Sun Woo helps me to add fall colors and designs to my wardrobe with pieces I can mix and match and wear in many different ways.

The biggest challenge for me is our heat.  When the calendar turns officially to fall, our South Texas heat laughs at it until well into October.

So, an outfit like this one from Clara Sun Woo, gives me the fall vibe with cool comfort from their fabrics.

The other vibe I like about their clothing is the many selections they have with a creative bent to them…and you all know that I love a touch of creativity!

fall casual with Clara Sun Woo

My community needs to get accustomed to seeing me in these pants…love them!

These are the SIGNATURE STRAIGHT LEG PANT in olive…they often have it in six colors.

Love the fit, comfort, but elevated fall casual look of these pants.  Much nicer than my olive denim I often wear.

These are perfect for some of the volunteer meetings I have ahead of me…will tell you soon about the project I am taking on.

The top is a fun touch of drama called the  LOOSE CUT SIDE TIPPED TOP – OLIVE PAINT STROKE.

There is a lot of elevated fall casual with Clara Sun Woo….and you should receive a 10% discount by using THIS LINK on any product along with the code PAM50.


fall casual with Clara Sun Woo

fall casual with Clara Sun Woo

I explained to you in the past year how Clara Sun Woo fashions have won me over.

Especially for travel…they roll up so small and roll out without a wrinkle in sight.

Plus the comfort is incredible. I am now a huge fan.

Every time I wear the KICK FRONT HIGH SLIT PANT in the first picture, I get asked where I found them.  They are great for an evening out.

And might I add…they give us a touch of “sexy.”

The blue ones have certainly been a go-to in this summer heat.

I am excited to have an elevated fall casual with Clara Sun Woo….they are worth checking out for your fall casual needs. Use the code PAM50 for 10% off.

See you tomorrow….and always….oh yes, and decorate your porch it will give you joy! Never too early!


By Pamela Lutrell

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fall casual with Clara Sun Woo

(The column of color underneath is Clara Sun Woo!)


  1. Good morning! Happy fall! (It had arrived here in Maine. Warm days. Cool nights!) Elevating my everyday look is on my radar. Soon I need to closet purge. It is that time of year. How do YOU do it? The pants look interesting! How would they pack, Pam? I am looking forward to exploring their site today. Thank you.

  2. I am so impressed with these clothes and how they pack and wash. So far, look like new. I roll them up, and then snap them out and not a wrinkle shows. The pants are the same way and so comfortable. I am glad that I was able to test the brand on a cruise. Works so well.

  3. I love the look of these pants. Do you mind saying what size you are wearing? On the models the pants appear shorter but they look longer on you. The pants look great and I appreciate the fact that they would travel well. I am always so happy to see your blog posts in my email, they are informative and make me smile.

  4. Thank you, Sherry and I am happy to see you in the comments! In this brand, I am an XL which is the size for a size 16 woman. The size large fits tighter than I like in their pants…and this is a perfect, comfortable fit for me.

  5. These pieces look cool and comfortable. I’ve read on several other sites and you tube that 3/4 length sleeves are frumpy and never worn by younger women. The suggestion is you have a long sleeve top and push up the sleeves. I do that sometimes, but I also enjoy a 3/4 length. I’ve looked at younger women, and it’s true I don’t see any of them in these tops, but it’s summer and everyone is in short sleeves (including me). I know the short answer is wear what you want, but from a fashion perspective …? Are 3/4 sleeves going the way of Capri pants? What do you think?

  6. Well, I respectively disagree with those sites. I do think pushing up a long sleeve is a slimming technique that will slim your style. But, the fit of a garment, the color or print of the garment, how current the style is and what the garment says about you are the determining factors for looking youthful. If a garment meets those requirements and has a 3/4 length sleeve, then I believe you can look youthful. I come from a land that is quite hot…60 days of triple digit heat this summer, so all ages were capris, crops, and 3/4 inch sleeves…but how youthful you look depends on the fit and styling of the outfit. I was taught years ago to push up long sleeves if I wanted to slim down my look and that does work, so I do it often. My desire each day is to be the best confident me…I never think if I want to look like younger women or not. But looking current is one of my style adjectives and I do keep that in mind…even while wearing capris and crops.
    This is actually part of a discussion for tomorrow’s post as well…you will see why when you see the the post.

  7. Hi Kathy, I do not see that on their website, but here are two easy contact ways to ask them questions with their customer service:
    Email: cs@clara-sunwoo.com
    Phone: 347.960.2092
    I hope that helps!

  8. This line looks lovely on you and ripples like silk. I guess it is my age but I don’t like the look of high water pants. They look best on shorter women like me if kissing my shoes. I’m 5’2” tall. Inseam is 28”. I do love the olive pants and the slit leg.

  9. It will stay warm here into October. When my kids were small I never did a lot of Back to School shopping in August. They wore the clothes they’d worn to day care/camp for the first couple of months of school until things cooled off. We’d get new shoes and that was it until later.
    I feel that same way about myself. I’ll switch to darker colors after Labor Day, but temperatures need to cool off before I can even think about a sweater.

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