2024 Fashion Trends: Leopard Prints

2024 Fashion Trends

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to our weekly trend discussion. Today it is 2024 Fashion Trends: Leopard Prints.

Yes…it’s baaaaackkkk….leopard prints. 

It seems every year, one of the animal prints take a dominant position in the official fashion trends, and leopard prints win this year in the 2024 fashion trends.

I learned this from Trinny London, who has no problem with wearing it now in lighter fabrics.

She does prefer the neutral-based leopard prints and says the ones with different colors “cheapen our looks.”

Leopard prints were featured as a trend on runways by most of the top designers…meaning much more is on the way.

One fashion website says, that women who wear leopard prints are independent, confident, sexy, and noncomformists.

I do want to point out that if you wear it because it is a trend…that would make a conformist.

Anyway, join me on this lovely holiday weekend as we discuss the next entry into the 2024 Fashion Trends.


2024 fashion trends

My images today of the leopard prints are from my recent thrift shopping…just to show you there are ways to find quality pieces for less.  (UH OH, just now noticed the purse is ripped! LOL!)

However, I bet many of you already have this new one in the 2024 fashion trends in your wardrobes.

There was a time in my life when I wore leopard prints often.  Then I tired of it, and sent most of those items on their way to thrift shops.

Now, I am kicking myself and wishing I had hung on to a few.

I personally prefer to wear this selection of the 2024 fashion trends in accessories. 

I do have shoes and a purse in leopard prints that I kept and will bring them out when I am ready…hoping I can still wear my leopard sneakers.

To me, this is more of a fall and winter trend, but I will be watching to see if there are women like Trinny who will wear it in the summer months.

As always, I have prepared a slideshow for you of items in leopard print that I discovered on the market today.

The big sales happening are also a great way to pick up a leopard print garment or accessory for fall.  

The Macy’s trench coat in the slideshow looks fun……

I have a feeling that when fall collections begin to hit racks in late July, we will see more options leopard prints.


2024 Fashion trends


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This is a beautiful shade of orange and available in other garments.

Of course, other brands you love and are buying are Talbots, Lands End, Quince, and JCP.

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2024 fashion trends

It is your turn to let us know what you think of leopard prints showing up in the 2024 Fashion trends??

Do you agree with Trinny that the colors must be neutral and not with any color…in the past we have seen leopard prints feature many colors from hot pink to purple.

Finally, would you wear it in the summer?  I do have a couple of older summer tops in leopard prints that I will wear this summer…and one is deep green. 

But it is a nice top and it is the only leopard print I own in a different color from neutrals.  I agree with what she is saying, but I will wear that top.

Tomorrow, I am going to tweak the Sunday post just a little…and will explain why tomorrow…so come join in…until then….



By Pamela Lutrell

2024 Fashion Trends


  1. I used to wear lots of leopard prints when I was teaching, but in small doses. I had a belt, socks, loafers, handbag. earmuffs…accessories as such, but I never wore them together, just one at a time. I was wearing a lot of black at the time. At a Nordstrom’s pre fall sale I was encouraged to purchase a leopard skirt with a tomato red top and sweater which became a favorite outfit for me. It is a great combination of colors. I don’t know why I gave up most of those leopard pieces! Right now I have a summer sleeveless leopard top that I wear under a lightweight solid tan sweater and I have a silk leopard scarf that belonged to my MIL. Neither have black in it, just a variety of browns. I disagree with Trinny on the colors. Kettlewell often has leopard prints by seasonal colors and they are lovely and fresh. Thanks for the trend update. As a deep autumn, I do enjoy a jolt of leopard! Love the Boden coat!

  2. As a fellow autumn, maybe that is why I have always been drawn to it…in small doses as well. I did hang on to my leopard scarves and a couple of shoes. I will check out the Kettlewell colors for animal prints…thanks for mentioning it, Deborah. Happy Saturday!

  3. Count me in on leopard. I have a few pieces I kept (shoes, tote and gloves). Though it’s a fave for me in accessories, I did have a sweater blazer from J Crew similar to the Talbots one you showed, and I wore it to death. I’ve always preferred natural leopard in the smaller scale, though the sweater blazer was large scale. I do think a little goes a long way, and I’ve never worn more than one piece at a time. I personally do not care for the stylized leopard that is a plain background with leopard style dots, often in all black. I’m glad to see it returning for fall, because it’s suits my blue autumn coloring and subs in for the prints I seldom wear. It fits both my polished and interesting adjectives.

  4. It fits my polished and creative style adjectives too, Linda. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like them generally and find some of the ‘non-neutral’- ie not naturalistic leopard prints very attractive . Particularly the black on red or black on bright green . Perhaps because they could not possibly be real ? I am old enough to remember when real animal fur/skin was still seen around and was even a sign of being rich !

  6. I like leopard prints but find most prints have an off-white or cream background, and as a winter cool-color person, I need a snow leopard print with a white background and black spots which are hard to find. I most often use a leopard print in two scarves I wear. Speaking of the no-iron shirts from Chico’s, I recently bought my first to see what all the hoopla was about. Oh, my, they are so great! Mine are not linen like the ones you spoke about, but after wearing that first one, I bought two more! Looking during their sales, especially flash sales, you can get them more reasonably priced.

  7. Hi, Pam. I have never been a fan of leopard prints. They look good on others, but I have a small frame and they can be overwhelming. Small doses are fine, like shoes. The traditional colors are probably best, but a pretty color sounds like fun. A non-conformist thing to do. 🤩

  8. Leopard is one of those prints that many do not wear, but a pop of it on a classic look is nice. I do like my green leopard top so much and have worn it for years. Thanks Marcia.

  9. Love animal print occasionally but all of my pieces are accessories- a belt; one side of a handbag where the other side is black leather. A mini wallet. Headband. ( I’ve never worn it but might). Lol.
    I love to see it on others! I’m not sure if its my coloring but when I’ve tried on full pieces- jacket or blouses- I don’t like me in these prints.

  10. It can be an overwhelming print for some, Paulette. You are not alone in thinking that. Pull out the headband and have some fun with it in accessories.

  11. I have a beautiful Tommy Bahama linen dress in a beige, brown leopard that I purchased for a Hawaii trip 2 years ago. I love it and will be wearing it this summer. Leopard, like paisley, polka dots and checks are the kind of classic print I wear; they are always in style. Subtle leopard touches on sneakers, belts and bags look
    classic to my eye.

  12. Do have Leopard prints in both garments and accessories which are mostly worn during the Fall and Winter seasons however the largest piece is that of a short sleeved, sheer silk ‘n polyester chiffon midi length dress that is more for Spring and Summer. As to color palette; with the exception of one long sleeved gray ‘n black printed top (that I often reach for), the rest are in the family of brown tones. Wishing you a HAPPY MEMORIAL LONG WEEKEND. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Pamela could you tell me the source of the two-piece outfit in the 3rd (largest photo) that appears to be a crinkled silk. Thank you.

  13. Brenda, refresh your browser and look under the picture. I just added a caption with this information in it. The color is called dark thyme heather. I apologize that I did not think to put it in originally.

  14. Love leopard with bright tomato red. I can’t wear it, but I do love it. I can wear the grey and black prints, or a white background. I don’t agree about color backgrounds cheapening the look. I have a blue with black print top and don’t think it looks cheap at all. I wear a small dose at a time,and thank goodness I can wear the beige and brown print in shoes or purses. Goes welll with jeans.

  15. I’ve never been a fan of animal prints, but Celia’s comment hit home for me – maybe it’s because I’m a winter and need a snow leopard print? I’m going to try to find this print, but for fall. It’s probably a mental block, but faux fur doesn’t say summer to me. I’m much more into Breton stripes and coastal vibes.

  16. My coloring is more in the Spring camp, so I don’t really wear much brown/black though I do have a lovely coat I bought from Macy’s years ago, black wool body with leopard furry lining, cuffs and collar. I find it an elegant choice for going out, arriving in style, especially over an all-winter white outfit. I will recommend though, that if anyone else tries this, use a lint roller all over that fur lining before topping a shows-everything pale outfit! ☺️ Live and learn. Happy Saturday!!

  17. Hi Maeve, when Trinny is wearing the print for summer it is not in a faux fur fabric. She likes the lightweight and sheer styles in leopard print. The print is not always in a faux fur. Thanks!

  18. Snow leopard print.., great idea for cool ladies…I will watch for it! I agree on the no iron shirts at Chico’s.., they are wonderful!

  19. This is the first post from you I’ve seen in weeks. Why is FB keeping us apart?

  20. I have no idea? But thank you for continuing to read. You can come here every day and find me directly on the website. I appreciate you.

  21. I am not a fan of animal prints except in small doses. I have a traditional leopard print belt & a pair of flats with a leopard print inset. A few years ago, I purchased a snow leopard print top, as I am winter, but tired of it rather quickly. I did have a black top with snow leopard print trim that I wore for a long time. I agree that most of the colored animal prints strike me as odd.

  22. The Tommy Bahama linen jacket is the only one I might be able to wear. I’m a cool summer and snow leopard might work in small doses for me. All the beautiful colors you autumn gals can wear look like roadkill on me. My best friend growing up was a redhead and she could wear yellows, browns, oranges even tomato reds. While I was in my pale blues and pinks. We both sewed so the number of full skirts with petticoats and camp shirts were numerous. White socks and white sneakers was the 1950s growing up.

  23. I tend to think of leopard print as a fall/winter option. I’ve noticed that almost every time I purchase an animal print garment, whether a top, coat or sweater I seem to end up donating it the next year. I kept one sweater in a burgundy and navy leopard print, which sounds awful but works well in fall and winter. Since black is no longer the primary neutral in my wardrobe, I find it harder to incorporate leopard accessories, but I do have one belt I like. I’ve always wanted some flats to go with it, and this seems like the year to find some. Thanks for the shoe options you included in today’s slide show! I’m looking forward to seeing what changes tomorrow morning’s post holds for us. I love how your Sunday musings feel like sitting down in a small cafe with a friend, rather than reading a blog post. I really appreciate you sharing your family and your home life with your readers!

  24. I have a belt and a watch, but tend to wear them in the colder months. The only thing I liked in the selection was the Tommy Bahama jacket. Since it’s linen and unlined it would be great for the warmer months. A little color to throw on for those air conditioned buildings that are really too cool.

  25. That is a cute jacket. One of the few I saw right now for summer. Thanks Rhoda!

  26. I bought a long, soft ,warm Chicos vest at Goodwill once. But when I got it home and looked at it again, I thought I looked like Fred Flintstone’s wife Wilma! 🤣Not the look I was going for.

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