Summer Fashion Finds…no pastels


summer fashion finds

Happy Thursday, all!  With many of my warm palette readers in mind, today I share Summer Fashion Finds…no pastels!

It seems that more and more retailers are also keeping all palettes in mind as they move on into the summer collections, which gave me some fun summer fashion finds.

This post is dedicated to inspiring those of you who are warm ladies, like me, and struggle with how to shop and what to wear during spring and summer.

We often walk into a store this time of year and look around to find any colors we can add to a wardrobe of warmer palette clothing.

Good news…there are many fashion finds to enjoy that are not pastels.

Like the premiere dress today…this is the Dillard’s Antonio Melanix M.G. Style Kurry Flounce Shoulder Tie Neck Cut Out Linen Blend Dress and this collection was created just for Dillard’s exclusively.

Today, I will get us started on summer fashion finds, but I am certain I will find more.

Get ready for fun as we look over summer fashion finds (that are) no pastels!


summer fashion finds


Talbot’s recently released a collection for summer of New Neutrals.

I selected a few of my favorites beginning with this EMBELLISHED LINEN COTTON SHELL.

summer fashion finds

Many of the jackets and tops can be worn through fall for those of us who live in warmer climates….in fact they would be worn mostly in fall.

I love linen blends for fall so I highlighted a few of these jackets.


summer fashion finds

And this Dark Walnut color in Irish Linen just looks luscious.

This is the LUXE LINEN BLAZER in dark walnut.

Remember to sign up for Talbot’s emails and watch for the 50% off flash sales…I see them more often now.

summer fashion finds

A gorgeous tweed in off white…and another jacket which will go longer than summer.

This is the PARK TWEED FRINGE JACKET in ivory/gold.

Almost forgot…don’t miss this top…the BUTTON DETAIL FUNNEL NECK SHELL…I know some of you requested warmer palette stripes.

Before we leave the summer fashion finds at Talbot’s, make sure you notice a little icing on the cake:


summer fashion finds

Chico’s has also introduced a few warm options for us, and I found some for these summer fashion finds.

This is the LINEN POPOVER TOP in oatmeal.

summer fashion finds

I also want to point out these LINEN STRIPE CULOTTE PANT.

Here is a slideshow with a few more summer fashion finds from Chico’s:


summer fashion finds

This piece is beautiful and that is why I included it in the summer fashion finds.

This is the RALE CASHMERE PONCHO in light heather oatmeal and at JMcLaughlin.

summer fashion picks

The most affordable in the summer fashion picks is here because I love this Baked Bronze Color.

This is the Dolman-Sleeve Utility Top at Old Navy.  It also comes nice natural linen and seasalt colors.


summer fashion finds


I tried on this jacket at JJILL earlier in the year, but decided to wait and watch.  This is the JJILL CREPE BLAZER in Boxwood.

This week my email announced a Flash Sale for one day of 70% off already marked down items.

I purchased this jacket for $21!!  

Green is on trend all year…all seasons in 2024.  And I am so glad to add this to my wardrobe, though I may not wear it until fall….when weather is cooler.

summer fashion finds

Talking about green…how cute is this Tory Burch Ella Printed Polyester Tote Bag at Saks Fifth Avenue…and it is on sale.

I promise to be watching for more, and if the cool palette ladies would like a summer fashion finds post…then let me know.

The warm ones spoke up!

Now, let me know if you have any questions…see you tomorrow…until then…


By Pamela Lutrell

Shop summer outfits and sales with your favorite retailers on my SHOPPING LINKS page.

summer fashion finds


  1. Oh, I love today’s post, although I know that other seasons may miss the bright spring colors. What good advice about paying attention to flash sales. $21! Yesterday’s news was a fantastic selection; I didn’t have a chance to read until last night and still haven’t finished. I am having trouble being snapped off the site again. I have to go into Notes, write, copy them, and then go back to paste on your blog. It limits my comments. I just want you to know that I appreciate the time and effort you spend for us.

  2. Thank you, Deborah. I wish I knew more about technology and could fix all of the challenges!

  3. Great post. I spotted the embellished linen shell at Talbots yesterday, and it’s beautiful. I did notice one of your selections (striped shell) appears to be the same cut as the absolutely stunning brown and white print shell I tried on there yesterday (I don’t know the name). Unfortunately, they both seem to have the planet’s weirdest collar … its not sewn in, looks like a slightly high jewel neck but is almost a mock turtleneck. It is very, very hot and was even uncomfortable to try on, as the whole shell was also very thick. I too have had super good luck with warmer neutrals this year, and green, orange and rust (good color for me) are also abundant. I usually wear a lot of turquoise and coral in the summer, and I’m not seeing quite as much turquoise.

  4. While I admire these colors a LOT!, I can’t wear beigey or oatmeal, or flax colors. They always look so pretty. But if I wear them, as my mother used to say, ‘you look like death eating a cracker!’ Mom was always to the point, and made me laugh out loud.
    I’d love an icy cool blue myself, or another color I have bought this spring is pale lavender. Thank you for your examples..

  5. Obviously, you are one cool palette lady, Susan. Today is for the warm ones. Thanks!

  6. I’m a cool summer but enjoyed looking at these gorgeous clothes. Like Susan, I wear any shade of blue but favor ice blue. I found a lovely pale blue on LandsEnd. The have several things in Haze Blue which is perfect for me.

  7. Great post. I love these colors Pamela. I have found that Chico’s is currently offering a wide selection of brown to beige and I’ve picked up some great casual pieces. I drooled over the crochet topper but alas don’t have anywhere to wear it. My lifestyle is very casual and my social life is daytime art group meetings and church. But if I had an event I would jump on that piece. Happy Thursday.

  8. So glad you enjoyed the post, Kathie. I researched this with women like you in mind!

  9. Pam, this post is a lifesaver! Thank you so much for the roundup of autumn-friendly pieces. I was still needing one top to fly in and make my aspirational Charleston travel wardrobe work, and I am hopeful I’ve found it in that dolman sleeve utility top from Old Navy, of all places! I ordered seven items (multiple sizes on the bottoms) in hopes of filling in the remaining holes in my travel capsule for early June. I’m so excited to see pieces I can actually wear and not just admire on others. Most of my good ideas for this trip have come straight from your posts over the past few months (teakwood linen for the win!) and I’m so grateful for the time and effort you expend on our behalf every week. I’m still working my way through yesterday’s links, but as a frequent potato baker, I was both thankful and shocked to learn about the botulism issue. I look forward to reading more of the articles when the dust settles. This is the week of all three grandkids’ end of school programs, kindergarden graduation, end of year parties which I cover since their mom is a teacher doing that with her own class. In the next week we also have two of their birthdays, my biggest wedding of the year and high school graduation for my nephew. Some days feel exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade any of those moments with them. Being a Gigi is the best part of this season in my life! Thanks for helping me organize a wardrobe that works for all these occasions. At least I don’t have to worry about what to wear!

  10. Regardless that I am fair in complexion/hair, I do wear this color palette which surprisingly works for me so have several pieces in my wardrobe from plains to prints that are often quite easily mixed ‘n matched as well. Also though more of a classic dresser appreciate even casual styles or those of a lower price tag if paired with the proper accessories, can speak quiet luxury. Wonderful line-up Pamela! Thankyou. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Particularly love the dress, however its neckline wouldn’t work for me.

  11. Thanks for sharing, Brenda. I am confident we will see more leopard items popping up throughout the summer and fall collections. Thanks so much.
    I just realized you were commenting on the summer picks for warm palettes…but I will be watching for more of those as well.

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