2024 Fashion Trends: OLIVE

2024 fashion trends

Happy Saturday!  Time for our weekly report on 2024 fashion trends…today….OLIVE!

We are looking at 2024 fashion trends so that you understand what you are seeing in stores and online…and why?

Trends merely report this to you…what you see and what to expect.

One of our 2024 fashion trends reported that GREENS were all on trend this year, but now we see an emergence of OLIVE.

This is one of those colors with many names…olive, dusty olive, military green, moss….but basically they are the same hues.

Olive is in my palette and one of my top best colors…it makes my hazel eyes pop.

I even consider olive a neutral in my own wardrobe…I wear it with most everything.

So, let’s get cozy and discuss  2024 fashion trends…with olive.


2024 fashion trends

A local fashion professional I trust, told me last week that olive was here to stay through the end of the year.

It is more predominant in current arrivals as a gentle nod toward pre-fall.

So, for those of you like me…who wear and love this color…get excited, we should see it more this year.

I do love it with cream, black, purple, and navy.  Those are my favorite combinations.

2024 fashion trends

We will also see it more in accessories.

These are the BORN AXONA DRIVING MOCS at JJill and in the color, dusty olive.

2024 fashion trends

Right now, I am very impressed with the handbags at Quince.  I have tested them.

This Quince olive Italian Leather Handwoven Crossbody is worth consideration….I have it on my own wish list.

Here is a slideshow of some olive items you may want to know about…if this is one of your own best colors:



2024 fashion trends

Last Saturday, we had a great discussion on the style Boho-Chic in the 2024 fashion trends.

Several of us were a bit confused as to what exactly it means to dress boho-chic.

Then I saw this picture of Martha Stewart this week on Instagram.

I personally think this is boho-chic….the outfit has a cool, boho, and stylish vibe to it…or is it straight up bohemian.  Feel free to chime in….


2024 fashion trends

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2024 fashion trends

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OK….Let me know if you have any thoughts on olive in today’s 2024 fashion trends… And always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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2024 fashion trends



  1. WOW! Olive! My favorite neutral. Thank you Pam. That was an exciting post for a deep autumn.
    This is a beautiful picture of Martha Stewart. I am not sure about the voluminous dress, but between the hat, jewelry, boots and horses, it certainly shouts boho chic to me. Interesting how she (her stylist) pulled it off with a dress that isn’t necessarily boho to my eye. Isn’t it all in the accessories? I like the color combination. I wish I had horses and reins for my contrast. Smiling.

  2. I have cargo pants that soft olive green. Love pants that color or shorts skirts! Thanks for soo many options pictures of possibilities! I’m a winter so I guess I can’t wear the shirts.

  3. I always have olive pants in my wardrobe. I also think of it as a neutral. I like to wear with a denim shirt on top or a black t-shirt.

  4. Ha! Yes, I wish I had horses and a ranch for my photo shoots! Happy Saturday, Deborah.

  5. I no longer wear olive close to my face but do wear olive pants with my winter color tops as I think of my olive pants as a neutral. I so enjoyed the comments and conversations with Susan yesterday. She made me rethink my colors though I also realize that I definitely get more compliments when I wear my jewel winter colors than the oranges, yellows, olives I used to wear. However, I changed my color palette so long ago that I cannot remember whether I received compliments back then or not!! However, I no longer feel comfortable in yellows and oranges so I suppose I will stick with my pinks and blues.

  6. I wish I could wear it with black…love the combination. It is one of my neutrals as well.

  7. You hit my sweet spot! I adore olive and also consider the lighter versions a neutral, though I look better in the dark military olive. I bought a lot of olive this summer, and have paired it with coral, peacock and turquoise. I also love it with navy and especially black, though I wear that mostly on the bottom. I own no olive accessories, but look at them often and they are on my wish list. As for bags, I’m so so so a fan of Quince. I own the convertible crescent crossbody, and after a season of regular use, it looks brand new (even the lining). I had my eye forever on the Clare v that is -very- similar, but just couldn’t pull the trigger on such an expensive bag. Then along came Quince, and what a value; it’s great quality regardless of price. I’m using your link soon to buy the little puffy bag to take on my Scandinavian cruise, and when I need a wallet, I plan to buy theirs.

  8. I follow someone who is connected to the museum/arts center in Marfa Texas, and she had a photo of Martha Stewart this week. Could this photo be from that part of Texas?

    I have always liked olive. It appeals to my inner Girl Scout. I’ve gone to my “natural” hair color, which is Salt/Pepper, and olive doesn’t look that good anymore, at least around my face. So these days it’s confined to pants/shorts/skirts. Once a Girl Scout always a Girl Scout 🙂

  9. Thanks Linda! The Quince handbags are very impressive. I recently got one for my daughter too.

  10. You made me smile, Rose! And that could be Maria. Pretty dry and desert like around there.

  11. Love olive and consider it one of my most versatile neutrals–olive jeans, cargos, shorts, denim skirt, sandals, etc. Popped into Chico’s the other day and was disappointed that all their olive tops (other than the solids) combined olive with black and/or white and even bright magenta. Since the olive trend should continue into fall I’m sure I’ll find some options in my palette. I’m seriously considering the Quince bag in your slide show. What a great photo of Martha. Great accessories but I wonder how one mounts a horse in that dress. LOL. Happy Saturday.

  12. Hi Kathie, olive is a trend color all year, so you will see it paired with warmer shades as we near fall. Stay tuned…

  13. While I don’t wear olive close to my face, I do consider it a neutral for pants & skirts or skorts. I currently only have a skort, but I want a pair of olive pants & will be shopping for some as fall approaches. I wear it with almost any color top. My current favorite is black. After seeing some of tops in the slide show, I wish I could wear it as a top. They are truly lovely.

  14. I understand that sometimes wearing our best colors can be frustrating, but in the long run, it is so worth it and helps with wardrobe building. I wish I could wear white near my face but that is a waste of money for me. Thank goodness that olive and white make great neutrals on the bottom.
    Thanks Becky

  15. Have always loved olive green, moss and military green but never have been able to wear it. I’m a cool blues lady. My best friend growing up was a redhead and wore all those lovely colors. It does seem to be best to stay in our color palettes.

  16. I have learned it does…there are many colors I admire from a far…thank goodness I can wear this one. Thanks Sydney.

  17. Olive is my favorite neutral and I’m so glad it’s trending this year. I’ll buy pieces that I believe have staying power and wear them well past this year. I have purchased quite a few pieces already from JJill, Chico’s and even Old Navy, most of which will easily carry over into fall. I already have a great olive Fossil purse from at least a decade ago, but am trying to find a way to justify the Kate Spade crossbody in the slide show. I’m looking forward to seeing what our favorite retailers will bring us in autumn colors this year.

  18. Love the olives however not a color that favors my skin tone so choose it either in accessories or in a fabric pattern. As to Martha, yes feel her outfit is that of Bo Ho Chic as checks all the boxes IMHO. i.e.: Garment is casual/relaxed/unstructured/simplistic in design with the turquoise jewelry taking center stage, whereas the hat and boots accommodates the occasion that could be readily changed out in style. (Eliminate the earrings; and instead add a silk head wrap (skull cap/beanie/durag/bandana) and strappy flat comfort sandals.)

  19. I just had my color analysis done last week and was named an Autumn Leaf (True Autumn). What’s funny is I thought I’d migrated to Spring and have been wearing a lot of those colors lately. I’m actually very close between the two but like my first color analysis back in 1986 as a junior high girl, I’m still an Autumn. I’ve been very pleased to see in such a short time just how much of my color palette is available and now Olive!? Yay! My big struggle currently is finding autumn blush and lipsticks that aren’t overly orange but still within my palette. I shall have to do some more testing.

  20. Hi Karla, get in touch with Brian on the lipsticks. He is a color expert and has great lipstick. He can help…email him hello@bybrian.shop. Tell him I sent you!

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