Chico’s new summer arrivals & markdowns

Chico's new summer arrivals

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to my Chico’s new summer arrivals & markdowns.

I stopped by two of our Chico’s locations to see the new summer arrivals and, also, discovered markdowns you might want to know about.

I was told that there are several darker pieces for the Chico’s new summer arrivals and they begin a slow nod to pre-fall.

This just means that there will be more selections in new arrivals that can be worn into fall, and for a climate like mine, can be worn almost all year long.

So, please join me here as I show you some picks in the Chico’s new summer arrivals & markdowns.

Let’s get started…..


Chico's new summer arrivals


There is actually a Travelers black tank sewed in underneath which I believe makes for a better fit than most of the ponchos.  

This one is offered in traditional Chico’s sizing rather than the M/L or L/XL choices. I love the olive and cream.

I styled it today with the black TRAVELERS ESSENTIAL SLIM PANTS.

All pieces in this collection are perfect for travel and do not wrinkle…easy to roll up and back.

Chico's new summer arrivals

Chico’s new summer arrivals include many selections which keep us cool and looking our best.

Here is another top with flow….this is the lovely FLORAL BORDER TRIM PONCHO, and it also looks nice with the Travelers pants.

This poncho is also designed for better fit since it is one size fits all.  I believe they are going for better fit with these larger designs.

I found both of them to be lovely.

Chico's new summer arrivals

I think this is a great piece for a summer evening pool party or event…but you need to have orange in your palette.

This is the TROPICAL FLORAL KIMONO...and I am wearing the L/XL.  It is a very pretty piece.

I tried it on with one of the MICROFIBER TANK In spanish moss.

And the pants are the WIDE LEG CROP in a color called light canella tan, and there is a PETITE  .

Chico's new summer arrivals

For those who like the cargo pant trend, you might like these fun wide leg crops.

I am wearing the CARGO WIDE LEG CROPPED PANTS.  They have a nice wide waistband for this comfy pull on pant.

On top, I have on the LINEN POPOVER TOP in the oatmeal color.

Chico's new summer arrivals

Chico’s new summer arrivals include some lovely jewelry selections.  I love black, camel and white together.


I saw a couple of mannequins styled with this necklace and it looked amazing.

Chico's new summer arrivals

This one is a beauty as well….the EMBROIDERED RAFFIA NECKLACE.


Chico's new arrivals

Beginning now and going into July, there will be many opportunities to find markdowns…new arrival markdowns if you will.

I found a few that when I saw them I knew women who read this blog would want to know.

This jacket is lovely and I have watched it for a long time, and I am glad to see it marked down.

This is the SHATUNG TOPPER in classic navy and it would elevate just about any outfit.

I sized down to a 2 and it was a much better fit than my usual 3.  It does have pockets on the side.

Chico's new summer arrivals

I like this blouse…if the background was not white, I would so own it in the new arrival offering.

I love the chic design, the fit, and the way the sleeves are designed to pull up easily to the elbow.

This one is the FLORAL EYELET SHIRT in pink bromeliad.  

The one online in the Chico’s new summer arrivals is the FLORAL EYELET SHIRT in the valencia orange.  This top is a bit different than the one I am wearing with cuffs on the sleeves and a shorter hemline.

It makes a matching set with the FLORAL EYELET CULOTTE PANTS.

Chico's new summer arrivals

For those who like the easy flowy look…

This is the markdown of the early FLORAL PONCHO.  I am wearing the S/M.

Chico's new summer arrivals

I found this shirt on the markdown racks and wanted to show it to you…it is a happy green print.

This is the NO IRON STRETCH DOT PRINT 3/4 SLEEVE SHIRT in the verdant green.

Chico's new summer arrivals

I would love to know if any of you were shoes from Chico’s. 

I have not tried them…so you thoughts would be welcome.  Comments on this shoe give it a very high rating.

These are cute…this is the EMBROIDERED SNEAKER….in the markdowns.

Chico's new summer arrivals

When shopping in store, always look at the jewelry in the Markdown areas.  I have found fun pieces marked down as low as $9.

I tried to find this cuff bracelet online, but could not locate it.  Cuffs are very much on trend this year.

Thanks for joining me today for Chico’s New Summer Arrivals & Markdowns…if you have any questions…let me know…

And a huge thank you to the wonderful sales associates at Chico’s in the Quarry Market and Chico’s in the Villages at Stone Oak.  You guys are the best!

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By Pamela Lutrell

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Chico's new summer arrivals


  1. I’m glad to know darker colours will be in-stock soon – it’s hard to find lightweight clothes that aren’t black but are suitable for a Deep Autumn palette. I like that Spanish Moss coloured tank top that you showed, but am chuckling at the name – how did they determine it’s Spanish? Did they ask it where it came from? Lol! 😆

  2. You rock those ponchos, Pam. I am also looking forward to seeing what Chico’s offers to a deep autumn this year. I would love a shantung jacket in deep olive or bitter brown. 🤞🏻

  3. Hi Zaeobi! Naming colors and nail polish has been intriguing to me…would love to hear those conversations!

  4. Yes! To both those colors in that jacket. They would be beautiful…happy Tuesday, Deborah!

  5. Well, the Internet “ate” my first comment, but I was going to say I hope you bought the shantung topper. It looked great on you. While the Chicos spring collection was so good this year, for me this summer collection is a miss. It’s very what I would consider “traditional Chicos,” with more flowing styles and more bright colors than I really like, though I enjoy seeing others wear it. That said, this company offers such good basics and doesn’t get the credit for them that they deserve.

  6. Oh, my, the eyelet top is amazing. It’s hard to believe that July 4th is when summer sales start and “fall” items come in. It seems like summer’s barely getting going here (Dallas).

  7. I know…the fashion world is so interesting and I guess I get it. By the time, summer is in full swing, we are looking at pre-fall! Any cool palette women should consider that eyelet top…it is amazing…you are right.

  8. Pamela! I love those ponchos on you! They look lovely but I find that I drag them through stuff and especially when eating it just isn’t practical for me. But they look wonderful on you. What type of an event would you wear a poncho? I have some navy linen but find dark colors hot so I stick with light until the temperature drops below 80. It is 100 today!

  9. A woman in the dressing room area asked me where I would wear this. I answered to church, on a dinner date, lunch with friends, even shopping! Wherever I want elevated casual. The sleeves do not bother me at all.

  10. Pamela, The Tropical Floral Kimono was so very becoming on you!! You should purchase this to wear regularly!!

  11. Thanks Natalie. I got confused as to wear top you meant. Thank one is lovely but I actually purchased the first poncho. I already own Travelers pants in black, blue and taupe.

  12. So excited to see “autumn” colors on the horizon, just as summer really kicks in here in north Texas. Today’s heat index was supposed to hit 110, so I will be indoors dreaming of fall clothing (my favorite wardrobe season!) I’m excited to see olive and the other green shades in the new Chico’s items, and I just received my birthday coupon from them, so I need to stop by. I absolutely love the marked down Floral Poncho, and it looks so pretty on you I think I’ll swing by my nearest Chico’s and check it out. I don’t normally wear anything pink, but you are just glowing in that. If I ever lose the weight I’ve picked up this year I have some ivory cotton pique pants that would be really pretty with that, and several green pieces I could pair it with. As always, thanks for giving me some new ideas! I also just used a trick I learned from you when buying a sleeveless striped tunic from JJill that you showed us recently. I ordered my usual size “M” but in petite sizing (a first since I’m tall) and it hit at exactly the length I wanted, without requiring alterations. I just wanted to encourage other readers to try that if a piece doesn’t look quite right in the length you’re used to buying.

  13. I am glad I finally started to think petite when length was too much. Glad it worked for you. I spend time every summer dreaming of fall. It just never comes fast enough.

  14. I have 3 pairs of the Chico’s Violet Block Sandals (different colors). I love them. They’re cute, classic, and comfortable.

  15. Love the ponchos on you. Very flattering. Chicos has some nice things this summer.

  16. I just read the comment about buying a petit size tunic so it isn’t too long. I see a lot of tops I like but in a regular size a tunic is too long for me. Wow! What a great idea.

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