Summer Sundays in Texas

Summer Sundays in Texas

Happy, happy Sunday, everyone!  Welcome to Summer Sundays in Texas!

Two of my grandchildren are living the summer Sundays I remember…swimming pools and popsicles.

Popsicles just make me think…summer!  However, I do miss the ice cream trucks and their music which would drive through the neighborhoods.

I remember clearly that one of these trucks introduced me to the great creation called DRUMSTICKS! It was so good back then.

We would run to grab a dollar and go chase those trucks!

Those days are long gone…the trucks and buying a popsicle for $1 or less.

I do love these smiles to greet us for Summer Sundays in Texas.

This is my weekly lifestyle post with reflections on the past week, and on my current summer life.

So, join me and let’s do some pondering together…..


Summer Sundays in Texas

I do love something cool this time of year…especially with the high heat indexes we already experience in South Texas.

This is my current favorite fruit smoothie…this recipe really makes enough for two and I use a Vitamix to make mine:

1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries

1 cup frozen peach slices

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/2 cup reduced-fat plain strained Greek Yogurt

1/4 cup frozen dark sweet cherries

3 dried pitted dates

2 tablespoons of chia seeds

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon honey

If you need a smoothie treat, this is delicious.  And you don’t have to chase a truck to get it.


Summer Sundays at home

I realize that for this Sunday audience I may be preaching to the choir, however, there are several new readers here.

So, I would like to review some things about this blog…what it is and what it is not…in order to help new readers think about their comments:


  1. This is not a blog where I am trying to get you to look like me.
  2. This is not a blog where I use standard marketing lines in order to generate more hits…I will not tell you that every woman needs to own a particular garment.
  3.  This is not a blog where I attempt to portray an elaborate life or where I attempt to look like a model.
  4.  This is not a blog where you will find me promoting anything I do not actually test or use in order to get the payment.


  1. This is a blog where I encourage you to look and be uniquely you. That is why I teach about style adjectives and how you can look your best you…not like me or anyone else.
  2.  This is a blog about joy and inspiration and looking to live our best life…later in life and right where we are.
  3. This is a blog that acknowledges we all are different shapes, sizes, lifestyles….and no one who dresses their own unique style will be called frumpy here.
  4. This is a blog where I do my best to try on clothes in different styles and colors that would be interesting to a variety of you.  I am not styling what I actually wear when I go into a dressing room.  Maybe sometimes that happens, but rarely.
  5.  This is a blog for the every day woman…looking to live her every day life with passion, purpose, and joy.

Last week on the post CHICO’S SUMMER OUTFITS, a woman attacked me for not tucking in the tops.

I do not ever think about tucking in when I am trying on pieces for this audience…it helps to see the lengths and how the garments fit.

After a recent meeting with a Talbot’s stylist, I acknowledged that I would try to tuck in more of my outfits…and I have tried.

However, it is challenging when you have a larger mid-section.  I like to elongate my own looks for slimming style.

I completely disagree that all women should always tuck in their tops and if they don’t they are frumpy and not open to change (as that person wrote).

Tucking in is not a style tip that works for all women and the women who choose to wear tops on the outside should not be berated…and I will not allow them to be on this blog.

Here are just four screenshots, which I believe are stylish women who have not tucked in their tops…tell me what you think….

Summer Sundays in Texas

I am certain I could fill up this page with styles that I personally believe are not frumpy and not tucked in.

The point is that we should not expect all women to do anything.  I do not expect all of us to wear a certain brand or a particular trend.

There are times I will tuck in my tops…there are times I will wear shorter jackets…and there are also times I will not tuck and I will wear longer styles.

However, I was stirred up by this comment because of how it could make readers of this blog feel about their own style.

Summer Sundays in Texas

Being open to change is often a good thing, but also knowing ourselves and what works best for us is a better thing.

I learned years ago from experience, that the word “frumpy” is a trigger word for many of us and should not be used to describe an outfit. 

Most people who comment with it are on the attack to make them feel better about their own outfit choices.

When you dress to communicate your own style adjectives, you build confidence, you are always on point and you don’t need to attack others who do not look like you.

OK…off my soapbox…I feel better…and would love to hear you thoughts…I will be open to what you have to say…I have also grown to respect the words of those of you who stop by on Sundays.

It is a special group.

Summer Sundays in Texas

Let’s return now to the cool waters that flow throughout our Sundays to bring us peace and joy.


Summer Sundays in Texas

I want to say a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND to my blog sidekick, and dear friend, Leigh Ann.

We do not see each other as much as we did these days, so, I miss her and rejoice whenever we get the chance to spend time together.

She was blessed with a weekend of family and friends.

Happy Birthday!



Summer Sundays in Texas

I am so glad that I selected the word STRENGTH to be my word of the year for 2024.

Focusing on strength in all areas of my life has been very helpful to me and I hope helpful to you.

Let me know your thoughts on this Summer Sundays in Texas…I will see you tomorrow…and until then…..


By Pamela Lutrell

A special thank you to everyone who shops with my SHOPPING LINKS…your support is everything!

Summer Sundays in Texas


  1. Love your Summer Sundays in Texas. The grandchildren in the pool brought back many happy memories of mine in prior years. My youngest turned 20 last Saturday, and I no longer have a pool. The person who criticized you is also critical of many of us. I have not tucked in for years and do not plan to do so especially when it is very hot, As your cup says, “Be(e) Kind.” Keep up the good work.

  2. The reason I addressed the comment is because she attacked many of us like you say, Cheryl…not just me. Some of us will tuck…some will not…some will do both like I am attempting to do…just look your confident best for each day! Thanks for being here!

  3. I am sorry that you get so many negative comments, and are personally attacked for your own style. I hardly ever tuck my tops in, and when I do, I usually have a topper of some sort to smooth out the edges. In the videos that you collect for us, the stylish women are not all tucked and look very well put together. As you said, how would we know the actual size of things if everything was tucked in. Where a top hits the hipline is important.
    On another note, that smoothie looks delicious and thanks for the recipe.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Birthday to Leigh Ann

  4. Thank you!! For standing up for your readers and for everything you do for us! I NEVER tuck my tops and don’t believe I ever will. It’s a personal choice and no one has the right to criticize or berate.

  5. I left the comment because I wanted to stand up for all of us. Some do not even consider what their words mean! Silly to say we are not open to change!

  6. I personally think all of this tucking is tacky. It looks like you forgot to tuck in the whole shirt. Sloppy needs to be either all in or all out.

  7. Happy Sunday Pam! Another great post! I too am mixed on tucking. I struggle with a mid section that continues to bring me problems and issues when choosing what to wear. I do tuck sometimes but mostly, as you stated. I like to elongate my look as I’m only 5’4” as well. Wedge heels, which I find very comfortable, help with this as well. The pictures you posted were all of women with very nice figures. Tucking or not tucking is something I doubt they put much time thinking about as they don’t share, or at least it doesn’t appear to be, a larger mid section. Could you post about this and how ladies that do struggle with a larger mid section and tucking or not?

    Thank you Pam! The smoothie looks wonderful! I’m going to try it.

  8. Hi Mary Ann, I am confused. Are you saying that untucking is sloppy or the half in half out look is sloppy. Just wanted to clarify for everyone. Thanks!

  9. I will do that! Since it is something I struggle with every time I walk into my closet. Thanks Kelley!

  10. Thank you for your wonderul words about not tucking in shirts. I never tuck in my shirt! I have a larger mid section. I am apple shaped and it is uncomfortable for me. I have never felt “frumpy” and have never been made to feel like that. People need to follow the rule, if you can’t say something nice , don’t say anything at all. I enjoy reading your blog.

  11. Hi Pam! I feel that woman was off-base with her remark. Like you and the women you shared I rarely tuck in my tops unless it’s a half- tuck but only sometimes. My waist is not small and I don’t need the extra bulk there. I’m only 128 pounds and 5 ft3 1/2. I like my tops out and do order petites, so tops are not overly long. Hers was a needless comment!

  12. Thank you so much, Rebecca. I am rarely comfortable with tucking and always want to feel confident when I go out. I appreciate everyone sharing how they feel so others can see it is not a style for ALL WOMEN.

  13. Hi Pam,
    I really enjoy your Sunday posts with finding joy in the summer despite the heat. I live in South Mississippi and the humidity can be brutal here too. I remember getting the Strawberry Shortcake popsicles as a kid, I loved those. I’ll have to try your smoothie recipe, a much healthier version!

    Oh dear, I guess that reader would think I’m frumpy. I’m small in stature and weight but I still prefer to wear my tops out. That’s just my preference, and if someone likes them tucked in good for them.
    I hope you have a lovely Sunday! Thank you for all your hard work keeping this blog a happy place to visit.

  14. Thanks Paulette! It hope it helps others see who believe like she does that her comment was needless. She even emailed it to me to make sure that I saw it!

  15. I never tried a Strawberry Shortcake popsicle…but it sounds so good. I have had something similar in a snow cone. There are some really good snow cones out there. But, it has been a long time since I tried one! Sounding better in this hot, hot summer. Thanks for joining in, Laurie.

  16. Your explanation about what your blog is- and isn’t – was very clear about who you are and what this is (and, for the record, what I’ve understood these last several years of daily reading!).

    People who feel the need to say negative things in blog comments are a sad example of humanity. YOU are an excellent example of humanity. 🙂

    Thank you for all you do.

  17. Was the attack comment just to you or could anyone see it before it was removed? I’m asking because, if anyone could see it, I’m curious if ladies attacked back. I’m fine with untucked and I prefer half-tucked to the boxed-in look of full tucked; I don’t find half-tucked sloppy. How one dresses is an expression of self; dressing to please others is a betrayal of of self. Good blog post, as always.

  18. I remember the comment by Chris. I felt she was being judgmental and, yes, unkind. I believe being judgmental is part of the human condition, so I usually overlook such things. I think most of us try to look for a higher, kinder way to treat others. As for the stunning SusanAfter60 I am her height and weigh 10 lbs less, but I have a thick waist and a belly. I never tuck any top. Susan, however, has mentioned her thick calves. She prefers wearing pants and the occasional maxi dress.

  19. I didn’t remove it. It is still there. I wanted to respond to it. It was written in such a way as to address many women and that is why I am writing about it. When comments are targeted at me alone, I usually just remove them and go on. But this addressed more than me.

  20. I get so frustrated hearing and reading about these kind of comments. Same with drivers that “flip the bird” at you. I have noticed that the drivers that are rude are almost always in the wrong…blaring their horns as you come to a complete stop before turning right on a red light. The same with fashion. How can you make a generalized comment when every body is different. I am short waisted and look most balanced with a 22 or 23 inch top. If I tuck it in, I am boob then pant with no waist. My girlfriend who is Looong waisted always tucks in and was telling me to do so until I explained. Always interesting to see what pushes peoples buttons. And thank you for NOT tucking as I can see the length! And just to be truly 🇨🇦. SORRY this happened to you!

  21. I have been familiar with Susan along time. She is lovely. This is not about her but rather how Chris worded her comment. She could’ve expressed her view in a more thoughtful way and that would have been fine.

  22. I am so tired of hearing people thinking they can “come” after someone with their opinions. Especially on styling or anything that is so personal. Your tucking in or not tucking in is a preference.
    She can do what she is comfortable with and maybe she liked the item enough to wear it the way she wants to. Please feel good enough about your offering choices and not need to give this comment any life.
    All the best,

  23. Hi Barb…I think I feel the same way about those drivers too! The good news here is that we get to discuss this topic in a way for people like that woman to see different viewpoints and just how off base the comment was. So please don’t apologize. As a long time blogger, I am accustomed to things like this. But I was riled up about how members of this audience would feel. I was more angered on your behalf than about me…especially when all I was doing was trying on clothing!

  24. Hi Leslie, I only gave it life on behalf of the audience. I do not want anyone here feeling bad about themselves because they don’t tuck!

  25. Fashion is always changing and I think you do a great job at showing the new trends and what stores are offering while also showing how real people can adapt them to their personal styles. You also welcome comments from people who make thoughtful suggestions of how they wear a style if it’s different from yours. Your commenter was way off base. I also miss Leigh Ann as she is much closer to my size and style and always liked her pictures and recipes but I’m still here learning lots. Wish her a Happy Birthday from us all.

  26. Dear Pam,
    You are a genuine person, and as I’ve said before you have a heart ❤️ as big as Texas.
    I appreciate you saying who and what you are and what you stand for on this blog.
    Also it’s so very IMPORTANT to support women and to not say unkind things about how they dress. We all have very different body shapes and perhaps physical issues that dictate the way we dress. Who is anyone to point fingers and talk against if a person has their tops hanging out or tucked in. In fact it’s a current look to have the shirt hang out and part way buttoned.
    I like the pics you showed on the women that have their tops not tucked in. In fact I think so many things you wear look better not tucked in.
    Onto much better stuff to acknowledge. YES, on the ice cream truck ringing their bell and chasing the truck down the street to get your treat. Those were the days.
    Love seeing your precious grandchildren with their popsicles.
    I drink lots of smoothies, do different ingredients, they are so yummy, refreshing and filling. I will try your recipe, it looks good.
    Give yourself a big hug, and make sure you tell your forever friend Leigh Ann happy birthday. You two are so cute together.

  27. Good morning, Pamela, I do look forward to your Sunday posts. I very rarely tuck because down here in southeast Texas it’s simply too hot! Now in the fall and winter I may tuck, but it’s usually all the way. I still have to work at the partial tuck, not because it’s tacky, but I just need to determine how much and when that works for me.
    I just love your posts because it’s for all of us, tall, thin, short, heavy, tall and heavy or short and thin, you simply give each of us a little something to think about, comment on or just absorb..

  28. I follow many fashon bloggers but yours is the one I go to first every morning. Some bloggers I don’t read, I just skim through because their words aren’t true. You are authentic and relatable; I read for knowledge and inspiration. I don’t do exactly what you do but rather take your kind words to inspire my own style. At almost 73 I know what looks good on me and what doesn’t; I don’t tuck full or half and I certainly don’t tell other ladies what to do. The need for the reader’s negative comment shows insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. Great post, Pam!!

  29. The key word is “should.” That is setting up a test for an acceptable behavior. I fail this test for sure. I never tuck in my tops because it is unflattering and uncomfortable for me. Plus super hot! I do look for tops that are made to wear untucked. I especially like blouses or tees with slits on the side.

  30. I really love the example photos you chose to illustrate the elegance an untucked look can achieve. Those were very chic looks. I must admit, I thought the little half-tuck was rather clever when I first noticed it had become a thing a couple years ago. It wasn’t going to be for me, and a full tuck is a very rare occurrence anymore either. My comfort zone is to have a blouse skim over the midsection.
    A thought on the popsicles and your smoothie recipe: with any leftovers, pop that delicious concoction into popsicle molds. Those would be terrific.
    Finally, Happy Birthday to Leigh Ann!

  31. You always look so nice! Never frumpy! I have an apple shape and tucking definitely makes me look frumpy and uncomfortable. I am not afraid of change. I just know what works for my shape and what doesn’t. Thank you for all of your hard work and acceptance of all shapes and sizes. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our loving Creator.

  32. Snort…ALL that’s happening in the world today and someone is critical of an untucked shirt? I shake my head. I actually went back and looked at your picture and I think if you tucked in THAT shirt, all the stitching/embroidery would be just above the waist band of your pants and that would look unbalanced. Leaving that shirt untucked was perfect and you have the 1/3-2/3 balance that I sometimes look for. But you got me thinking and I don’t think I tuck that much anymore. A lot of tops are actually designed to be untucked. But I do wish I could master the half tuck…when I try it always looks off. Perhaps a video showing how to do that.

  33. Thanks Katherine. You reminded me that a man is making big bucks after he began a line of menswear called UnTuckIt. Even men wear their shirts outside!

  34. Thank you, Linda! And thank you for reading this blog first! That’s an honor.

  35. You are right, Connie! The smoothie would be a wonderful frozen treat!

  36. I have tried it many times and it just doesn’t look right on me. Looks like a mistake. I have never been confident enough in it to leave the house. But I will look for some tips!

  37. Happy Birthday Leigh Ann! I do enjoy reading your blog Pamela. You are always so genuine and thoughtful. I so agree with not tucking as I never do. It’s just not flattering for me and has nothing to do with looking frumpy!
    Thanks for standing up for those who choose not to.

  38. I must be weird ! I have no rule about tucking in or not . I do usually wear separates and just check in the wardrobe mirror for the overall proportions . I don’t usually change whatever I have taken out – does this make me sloppy or something ?

  39. I love your personal Sunday musings as much as your Wednesday news posts! I enjoy it when you enclose a scripture reading; I don’t know if it is because it wraps up the week or begins a new one. Regardless, it has perfect timing. You are so generous, Pam, in your allowing us to know you and feeling safe on your blog , as well as imparting information that lends itself to constantly evolving and life long learning goals. Although I did not participate this week due to another week of on the road, I read your blog before climbing out of bed each morning. (I have to write my responses in Notes, and then copy to your blog. I can only write 2 of 3 sentences directly before it refreshes and pops me off. I took the week off from posting.)
    As far of styling goes? All those examples of untucked outfits are me and fit my adjectives perfectly. I have a slim, rectangular body type, but deal with the ‘new’middrift body gift at age 71. I see nothing frumpy about those styles, your styles, my styles, or anyone else’s style. For most of my outfits , a tuck would cut my body in half. I like the 1/3, 2/3 dimension for me. I am 5’4”, a natural classic, and I don’t feel as if I need to advertise my weight. Many participants here do offer ideas and reviews of what they have ordered, and we can ask more pertinent questions about fit if we need to. In a book I read about the pre-JFK era of Jackie Bouvier last winter, she said:
    “Read, then think. Listen, then think. Watch, then think. Think, then speak.”
    That is excellent advice.

  40. Love, love the Jackie quote, Deborah. I may put it up somewhere in my office where I can see it daily! Thank you for your whole comment!

  41. Another Jackie comment:
    “Become distinct.”
    I think you and many readers might enjoy the book- Camera Girl. The Coming of Age of JBK. There is more to that woman that meets modest public knowledge of her.

  42. My ‘tucking’ days are over – but whatever way anyone wants to wear their tops is up to them. I personally don’t care for the half-tuck, but on some figures, it can be attractive. Being only 5′ tall, 119 pounds, I appreciate seeing the length of tops. When they cover half my thigh, it’s not a look I like, much less tuck all that fabric in! I appreciate your giving us this forum.

  43. First, happy birthday to Leigh Ann. It always looks like you two are having fun together when you do a try-on session. I also fondly remember the ice cream truck. It was such a treat. And always such a dilemma to choose among all the offerings. I’m so sorry that someone felt it necessary to make such an unkind statement. And she is wrong anyway. Not everyone feels and/or looks best with a tucked top. You always look polished and put together. Never “frumpy”. Never. I appreciate you modeling tops untucked to I can gauge how they might fit since I only tuck rarely, and only in cooler weather when I’m wearing a jacket. I’m short, short-waisted with a larger than average bust. Like Barb said “boob then pant with no waist”. Its just another version of the same old mantra that “every women needs….” I also appreciate the fact that you model all kinds of different styles at a wide range of price points and that you are truly honest in your recommendation. Happy Sunday.

  44. Happiest of Birthdays to Leigh Ann! To tuck or untuck? Such a weighty question. In very hot weather, such as you are having in San Antonio, I think untucked is definitely cooler, & some tops are made to be left untucked. Those with side slits like the shirt I wore this morning are an example. That particular top also has seaming which runs the full length of the garment. By tucking it in, I would lose that slimming lengthen aspect. While I do not care for the half tucked/half untucked look on myself, everything depends on the individual’s taste & comfort.
    Those precious smiles on the faces of your grands brought a huge smile to my face! Long live the joy of summer!

  45. It feels uncomfortable when words like everybody this, everyone that, all women should…generalizations are never of any value to me. Acceptance and kindness in all cases are more appropriate for me in my dialogue or comments. Your comments and responses are always kind. You live your faith and it is a treasure to be able to see or in this case, read. I loved JBK and her lovely style. When all the boho styles came in I preferred her simple elegant style. I no longer tuck. It is comfortable to wear a flowing top where air can circulate in this heat. I loved the jingle of the ice cream push cart and a Dreamcicle in orange flavor. As a child I would run with my money to find him. Happy birthday Leigh Ann!

  46. Pam , I appreciate you showing the length of tops on a real person. It saved me from buying a few tops that I know I would be unhappy with as I am tall and long waisted. I have learned that if it looks a tad short on you, I would not be happy with it. I know you try varieties of styles, not necessarily what you would wear in ‘real life’. I read SusanOver60, Jennifer Connoly’s blog A WellStyled Life, and yours. I think all of you are fantastic bloggers and wish you well.

  47. So far, they are loving summer! Thanks for your thoughts Becky on the tucking!

  48. Generalizations rarely work…in fact, I can’t think of one example where they do. Thanks Sydney!

  49. I thought it was a bit extreme to label Chris’ comment an attack until you mentioned that she also emailed it to you. Unless she does that with every comment that she makes, that was definitely an aggressive and unnecessary move! I’m glad that it prompted you to address the issue of tucking versus untucking in today’s post though as it’s clearly one that many of us feel quite strongly about. I’m tall and slim, but I almost never tuck. That just happens to be my personal preference and it’s certainly not up to Chris or anyone else to tell me that I should do otherwise. I guess my response to her would simply be “you do you and I’ll do me.” After all, that’s why it’s called “personal” style!

  50. When someone says a look is the “best” and those who don’t do it are frumpy and resistant to change…and they are not regular readers meaning they don’t understand I am in a dressing room…in my book, that is an attack against women who do not do as they do. If she had just been talking to me, I would’ve said nothing. But I spoke out for women who don’t tuck. You are right…this has been a helpful discussion.

  51. I don’t tuck in tops don’t plan to start. That is not important to me. So many things are not important anymore since I lost my husband April 23,2024. Please understand I am not looking for sympathy just trying to deal with the life God has given me. So no tuck in tops for me. Have a good day folks. Now I have to feed the cats.

  52. Jan, I am going to pray for you right now. I am sorry for your loss and I am praying that God will walk you through a new chapter and show you new ways to find joy.

  53. Well, I tuck in my tops and I also don’t tuck them in. The top I am going to wear helps me decide what to do.
    Thanks for your post today, so enjoy the Sunday blog
    The best always

  54. Birthday blessings to Leigh Ann and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead! Like so many other readers, I miss seeing her in your shopping posts. Back in the pre-menopause days when I was taller, thinner and had a well-defined smaller waistline I wore mostly suits with tucked in dressy blouses. After losing my waistline to a combination of health conditions and menopause side effects, I had to re-learn to dress my new body in a more flattering way, and that meant coming to accept that untucked tops are okay. This is such an individual choice, and one most of us make almost daily when choosing our outfits. I still have a few things I tuck, but almost always gravitate to untucked in this season of grandkids and retirement. I’m sorry Chris decided to appoint herself the fashion police. Perhaps she should she start her own blog to impose her arbitrary fashion rules on those who happen to agree with her. I don’t consider her opinion of my style choices relevant, so it does not offend me, but I do agree her choice of words could be hurtful to others. Keep smiling and spreading your joy!

  55. Thanks for your blog, and solidarity Pam. You always look lovely, and classy in the outfits you model. Not everything is my style, but I appreciate the inspiration, and new places to shop. I hate fashion rules, like always tuck, never wear horizontal stripes, etc., I also find it sad that many of us of a certain age were raised to believe that “looking fat” was the thing to avoid at all cost; so silly! We should wear what we want, and what gives us confidence, even if it breaks rules. I am for being creative with style, not shape shifting out of shame! Tuck or don’t tuck, who cares!?

  56. Pam, I really like your blog because of all the things you say you don’t do. I like to get ideas from you through fashion and recipes.
    I’m in Texas right now and wow is it hot!!

  57. Here I am late to the party again. Love your picture of the grandkids. On my recent trip to Maryland to help with the arrival of the new granddaughter, I took the 5 year old and 3 year old brothers to the park one day and heard the familiar music of the ice cream truck. We did not indulge since it was near dinner time, but it is a happy memory. I am guessing Texas summers are probably just too hot for an ice cream driver. On the lady who decided to tell us all how to dress, well, it’s a free country, but maybe a little moderation in allowing everyone freedom to dress as they want is in order. Moderation seems a little short on supply in many areas these days. Ahem! I was thinking a nice post might be everyday dressing for housework or gardening. e.g. staying home without having to wear the “old work clothes”. I have old stuff I wear particularly so that newer clothing stays out of the danger of dirt and stains, but yesterday as I worked in the house and garden in my old stuff, I did not feel very chic. I am beginning to think some of my old stuff truly is frumpy.

  58. Congratulations on adding a granddaughter, Mary! I confess…I am a little jealous you heard the ice cream truck. I don’t want to buy anything from them…I just love to hear the sounds! I usually just blog about what I wear outside of the house. In my house and in the yard, it is most often athletic clothes. Let me ponder it.

  59. Hello, Pam! Those are the sweetest little faces at the top of this post! My grands were visiting last week, it’s so wonderful to share in their joy. I think you are always a ray of positivity and sunshine. Happy birthday to Leigh Ann, I always enjoy when you two are together. sorry you have to deal with negative people, really , they are probably most unhappy with themselves. Hugs and peace.

  60. With regard to tucking, the stylish women in your screenshots are all wearing a “third piece” with the un-tucked item layered underneath. That makes a great difference. Might be worth exploring in a post??
    For myself, I avoid the tucking issue altogether by wearing dresses, exclusively. They’re so easy! No decisions about matching, contrasting, layering, proportions. If I wear a jacket or cardigan over a dress, I can “cheat” a smaller waist by adding a belt to the dress underneath. Because the jacket hides most of the actual circumfrence and you mainly see the buckle, it creates the illusion of a smaller waist.
    I enjoy your posts even though we dress differently. Your outlook, energy and faith offer us some much-needed encouragment!

  61. YES to smoothies! My husband and I make them for lunch every day. Any bits of fruit will do. Greek yogurt = a great source of dairy + protein. You can even add a few slices of cucumber. Whisk it all up and you’ve got a cool, healthy treat. Tastes so good it almost feels like cheating!

    As for the person who was nasty about tucking: probably shows her own insecurities. Pam, you just keep doing YOU! That’s what makes you so inspiring.

  62. Wow, who knew that my simple five or six sentence comment would erupt into the great Texas TnT (Tuck not Tuck) controversy of the summer?

    Your subsequent posts seem a bit extreme since you have posted that you yourself might have been somewhat resistant to things like “wearing your colors” in the beginning.

    I most certainly did not “attack ” or “berate” you or your followers. Or call them “frumpy” or “resistant to change.”

    my original words are as follows:
    “Please CONSIDER tucking in your blouse as you posted earlier that a Chico’s employee suggested. (You subsequently told me it was a Talbots employee. I apologize for the mistake.)
    The blog Susan After Sixty shows what a difference it makes. I am five one, 150 pounds.”

    ( added comment here: I’m talking about myself , NOT you or anyone else. I’m pointing out that I personally, NO ONE else, am short and overweight)

    to continue what I posted:
    “I’m shocked that that simple thing matters. Yes, I am still the same weight but somehow the frump factor is a bit diminished.” For ME, this has been MY experience . I never called anyone else frumpy.
    Again I quote:

    “Why are WE ( myself included here, and you yourself have written much the same thing , Pamela) women often so afraid of change?”
    (A legitimate rhetorical, thoughtful question, not an “attack” of any kind.)

    I ended with:
    “Just a suggestion”.
    A suggestion is just that!


  63. Love your blog
    You are so much like me loving colorful clothes,lives in texas, so relatable, and kind. I’m babysitting 2 grandkids today also. Unfortunately my dog ate my medicare card 😆 after I turned my back one minute ugh!
    I was giving info to nurse but at least she got number before!

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