Would You Wear It Over 50 and Happy July 4th, America!

Welcome everyone to Would You Wear It Over 50 with me and my friend Jennifer, and to all Americans, Happy 4th of July!!  I purposefully tried to keep the colors patriotic today, but other than that, this is one of those fashion displays that made me wonder what...

Cultivating Every Day Elegance Over 50: Personal Presentation, Pennies, and Perseverance

Welcome to our weekly focus on cultivating every day elegance into our regular lives over 50.  We have discussed how to pause…ponder…and then proceed with all decisions; and how to keep kindness as a priority every day, all of the time.  Today, let's look at...

Suddenly Everything Changes…Again…Handling new challenges over 50

2020 has been one big roller coaster ride for the majority of us.  Six months of events so far that none of us could’ve predicted in January.  I should not have been surprised when on the same day my blog turns 10, my employer lays off 243 people...of which...

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Fashion Over 50: The power of vertical stripes

Fashion Over 50: The power of vertical stripes

Yes, there is magical power in wearing vertical stripes when selecting our fashion over age 50.  I have been pleasingly plump…well, most of my life, really…and learned how vertical stripes pay off, while horizontal stripes most often give us an appearance of...

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