Our Own Monday Meeting to answer more of your questions

It’s Monday of what is predicted to be a difficult week in our nation, so let’s just start the week with our own Monday meeting and focus on other things while hoping the predictions are wrong.  I am going to attempt to answer some of your questions and see if I...

Today’s News for Women Over 50

MMMMMMMM....that avocado toast looks good, doesn't it?  Well, if not, then get the treat of your choice and let's sit down for Today's News for Women Over 50.  I curate the headlines I believe many of you would be interested in across various news...

Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer….think April Flowers!

Welcome, ladies, to Would You Wear It? with me and my friend, Jennifer. For many of us the shopping malls are closed, so we are your ticket to ride if you are missing mall shopping.  For both of us, this is our last round of mannequins for the moment until we...

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Today’s Positive News for Women Over 50

Today’s Positive News for Women Over 50

Good morning, ladies.  Let's turn off the television and set aside the newspaper and focus on Today's Positive News for Women Over 50.  These are headlines I curate from many sources in order to bring to you the most positive, helpful, and hopeful news...

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