As you prepare to hit the July sales and maybe even look for those great structured jackets, make sure you remember that all the DETAILS are important!  Looking for special details on a jacket is where you begin to develop a style that is all your own.  First, remember to make sure the jacket fits you and has great seaming.  Then look for unique details and begin to build a wardrobe of separates that can produce many different outfits.  I like to have several jackets of neutral colors:  black, brown, tan, grey,white. (S & C 101) Then I can make the outfit interesting with print blouses or great scarves.  I have begun to look more for creative, interesting details so that my style is unique to me.

For example, look for detail on

POCKETS…For one of these looks, I found a blouse with brass buttons to match the brass button on the jacket pocket.  These are small ways you can tie a look together.

CREATIVE TRIM OR SEAMING…which will also flatter your body.

BUTTONS….either creative buttons or used in a stylish way on elements of the jacket…pockets, sleeve, in addition to the functional front closure buttons.

BACK DETAIL…Always check to see if there is something special about the back!
SLEEVES….one of the most fun details I learned from the stylists at Chico’s is that if you want a slimmer look, then go for jacket sleeves which are folded or designed to hit just under the elbow. To go all the way to the wrist creates a heavy look.  But, I think Stacy and Clinton would disagree with that, so just try it both ways and see how it looks on you.  You must always try clothes on before you buy them (S & C 101)  Any way, there are fun sleeves out there!

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