World Osteoporosis Day and Critical Information for Postmenopausal Women

Today is World Osteoporosis Day, so we will pause from discussing fashion, and take time for a critical health discussion for postmenopausal women. I am partnering with Amgen to bring you vital information about osteoporosis and bone health…something very important to...

Seeking my new life-style with fall clothing at the Talbots’ Friends & Family Event!

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I am mixing things up a bit in order to share with you fun fall clothing in the Talbots' Friends & Family Sale this week. As I seek what my new life-style will be now, I am so pleased to find many options at Talbots ....and all are...

Fall Clothing Style Tips for casual fun + perfect pesto

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to a post dedicated to fall clothing style tips with casual and fun in mind...and perfect pesto on the side! It has been such a great weekend welcoming a new grandchild and enjoying a touch of autumn-like weather...though I would like to...

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Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing

Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing is a new day and time for Would You Wear It for Fall Clothing with me and my friend, Jennifer! I would like to remind everyone that we do not go out and look for displays that we like or dislike...just displays that make us wonder what you would think of the...

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