When Anita first asked me to join
her Paris Party, I thought, “A whole week of Paris posts???”  How could I do that when I have never set
foot in the country?  But, I began to
look around me and found a little bit of Paris everywhere!  Yesterday, I wrote of the French influences
in my style….and today, there are French influences in my dating life!!
What I might wear on a date to La Madeleine.
Bon Appetit!  These are the words which greet Mr. B and I
when we go out to eat at La Madeleine
It is perhaps our favorite place to eat out on a date.  Oh, sure, there are much fancier French
restaurants in San Antonio, Texas….but, some of you may remember, we are on a
budget!  We love the atmosphere of this
French country café and always find delicious fare.  We really love it in the winter when we can
get a cozy table for two by the fireplace. 
I think what I love most about the atmosphere is that it is quite and we
can actually have a conversation…rare in some places.
I asked what makes French Cooking
unique, and the manager answered, “French Cooking always has excellent
presentation, and is prepared with the highest of quality ingredients…fresh
herbs, ripe fruits and vegetables, and lean succulent meats.”
Of course, I feel as though we
experience a little bit of Paris when we eat there.  Where is your favorite location for French
cuisine??  Make sure you visit Anita’s
and the other Paris Party bloggers and have a fabulous, exquisite French
“America is my country and Paris is
my hometown.”  – Gertrude Stein


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