“The key to change… is to let go of fear.”
– Rosanne Cash
I am certain Rosanne knows this is easy to say and not so easy to
do.  How do we flip the switch and shine courage into the darkness of our
fears?  Sometimes living as the invisible is comforting…within that
darkness we do not have to be concerned about what others say.  The only
problem is that the darkness is a lonely, depressing place.
This is where many of us find ourselves as we enter the other
life in middle age.  I found myself there at age 50…invisible,
not caring for my appearance, living through my children… not that passionate
about life any longer.  It was as if I looked in the mirror one day, and
said, “What are you doing?”  Life was passing me by…suddenly I was ready
to catch up with it…….
This is part of a series I am writing for GENERATION FABULOUS…hop on over to read the rest of this post!  (Just click HERE)
The above photo represents so much for me…the courage to wear a shorter length dress…the courage to wear a dress which fits my curves…the courage to stage an actual photo shoot in a public place…I have come a long way baby!  You can too!  
Have a wonderful and safe Wednesday!!

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