Four short weeks…..

I will turn 60, in just four weeks.  I can remember a time when I thought 60 was really old.  Not any more.  But, realistically, is it too old to face a fear…is it too old to change life long habits…is it too old to turn things around??  A part of me says, why face this issue, it doesn’t matter …you are 60…give up…throw in the towel…you were not able to do this…accept it…enjoy your time remaining and do what you want.

However, another side of me says…you can do this and it will be worth it for many reasons.  Suck it up…go for it…face the fears.

What am I talking about?  You will have to wait…all in good time, my sweet friends! I took a small step today.  

I may be turning 60, but I will still ROCK ON!

Has anyone else changed lifelong habits later in life?  Please share!

We are leaving town for a couple of days for a wedding!  Posting may be sporadic, but I will return for Visible Monday…have a great weekend, everyone!

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