I distinctly remember Spiegel Catalogs from when I was a small girl.  This mail order catalog which began in the late 1800s was where I first fell in love with women wearing beautiful clothes!

I cut them out and made paper dolls who lived in neighborhoods drawn on butcher paper…anyone else do that?

But, in looking over today’s Spiegel, I am drawn to the beautiful, affordable fashion which keeps this catalog right on trend and stylish!  You might not realize it, but Spiegel was the first catalog to bring European trends to America and send buyers to Paris fashion week.  

I discovered so many gorgeous looks as I visited the website and I really was amazed at the prices and variety…all sizes and shapes covered!

I would like to encourage all of you to visit Spiegel HERE….and if you want to print out a few pages to play paper dolls ….that’s OK too!

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