It seems from blog reading, many of us actually have a bucket list!  Recently, I checked one more box on mine.  The list included three people I really wanted to see ….only Paul McCartney remains…still hoping that will happen!

I was in journalism school at the University of Texas from 1971-74…the time of the Watergate investigation.

We studied the reporting inside and out…so I have desired to see Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein speak most of my life…(Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman would be nice as well!)  They delivered new information from the Nixon tapes I was not familiar with, so for me it was an historical, enjoyable evening.  I got there really early to get a good seat and did a little people watching as well.

You know me…I have to scope out what the ladies are wearing!  
Has anyone else checked a box on their list recently??  Something special about this era of life is the time exists to do special things!

Have a wonderful autumn weekend!!

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