Overcoming Body Issue Obstacles to I MATTER….Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Sara…she is an amazingly talented young teacher with a Masters in Art Therapy.  She is cool, creative, stylish, and six feet tall!  But, if that has ever bothered her, you would never know it.  Sara loves Sara and owns her height!  She has learned to dress in the trendiest, artistic, bohemian styles and wears her confidence and joy every day!  What a waste it would be if she hid from the world because she is tall!

So, many women hide…behind baggy, frumpy clothes…waiting for the day they will finally lose weight.  I know… I was once one of them.  Little did I know, the ironic thing is that when we finally begin to dress the body we currently have…and accept who we are right now today…then it might actually be possible to be motivated to lose the weight!!  

Once again, it was the old  WHAT NOT TO WEAR which got my attention in this area.  Stacy and Clinton would teach how to dress our bodies in flattering styles. I remember when I first tried on a blazer with great seaming, and it actually made me look pounds smaller.  Learning to elongate my styles with different decisions also helped.  Going to a dark denim jean was another surprise…such a difference.

I think what was most important for me was to throw out baggy clothing and actually wear clothes that fit!  I began a ten year relationship with LANE BRYANT.  They had stylish clothes which fit my body and gave me the youthful, fun fit I was seeking.  It took work, but was completely worth it.  After I accepted myself where I was at the time, then I was open to losing weight healthy ways.  Part of each morning for me is to accept who I am today…love it…and dress it for a joyful day!

I also would like to recommend Sally McGraw of ALREADY PRETTY.  Sally does such a great job about writing for all different women and body types, and particularly about acceptance.  She can be your What Not to Wear-inspiration now that the show is retired.


Once you realize you are important ….you matter…then accept and love who you are…like me and Sara!

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  1. I'm curious why you would suggest someone's height is a "body issue" to be overcome, or that being tall would make someone want to hide from the world?

    1. Not all women feel that way, Carla. But there are for sure some who do. I teach high school and some tall young ladies just put themselves down terribly because of their height…just as much as the larger size girls. I also remember a segment of What Not To Wear where a woman did not care for herself and her clothing because she was so frustrated with her height. It is an issue with many. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I heard about Barkley's comments – as if women exist for him to approve! We have to stop bullying…

    Thanks for that, as well as the party!

  3. What an inspiring post. Not only the words, but the tone conveys downright joy. Think how much happier we'd be, how much more energy we'd have if we didn't use so much of it on criticizing our bodies. And many times, the very aspect of our bodies we hate is the one others are admiring! Please take a look at my Stylish Ole Woman post: You're Just What I Wanted: http://stylisholewoman.com/youre-just-what-i-wanted/

  4. Hi Pam,

    First of all thank you for hosting. And then thank you for introducing Sara. A great reminder that really all that matters is we see ourselves. When someone judges it is usually a reflection of their own self-confidence issue no matter how it's disguised. It's nice getting to know you.

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