When Valerie Albertini asked to send products which could make my shower a spa-like experience, I didn’t have to think about it.  Valerie is an impressive Baby Boomer woman who discusses her product line in THIS VIDEO.

I love how my skin feels all day after using the ROUGH LOVE BODY SCRUB followed by DIVINE SKIN HYDRATOR in the shower!  (My 22-year-old son loved it as well, but that’s our secret).  I really like putting body lotion on in the shower and the results it lends….so soft!

Valerie makes products for women 45+ and understands the needs which occur during and after menopause.  I also tested the WARM LOVE PUMPKIN EXFOLIATING MASK…which leaves your face feeling cleansed and soft…and you might also have a desire to go eat pumpkin pie…smells just like it.

Check out ALBERTINI INTERNATIONAL and see what you think!  These warm summer days are great times to give your skin refreshment and a spa-like treat!

(oh, and make sure you have entered the contest at the top of the sidebar to win that fun Lobster Pouf!)

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