I am still pinching myself…it is so hard to believe this past weekend in San Antonio, Texas.  Rarely do we have autumn days this early and sadly, they will go away for awhile…but the last two days were glorious as winds of change blew in!

As I threw open the windows, and lit the Pumpkin Spice candles, I also reached for my JJill autumn pieces!  Just like the refreshing breezes, the fabrics JJill selects make me say AHHHH when I pull them on.  

I will be seen in this YORKSHIRE PULLOVER and ANKLE LENGTH LEGGINGS a lot this fall…they are comfortable and fit my personal style.  Providing this type of stylish separates, is how J Jill stretches our wardrobes to be fresh and workable.  These leggings are just perfect….flattering, yet not too tight as so many leggings are.  The knits are quality comfort.

Please check out their JJILL SEPTEMBER COLLECTION… many great ideas with skirts and pants.  I keep the catalog in my closet, so I have ideas for wearing their separates nearby! 

Hope the beginning of your week is as invigorating and joyful as my weekend was.  I sense the winds of change blowing in many directions and I am encouraged for the future!  Now, I have to go stir a pot of Texas chili simmering on the stove.  I love autumn!

For those waiting to hear about the winner of my recent contest…please look for that post at noon on Monday, September

Now, it is time for FASHION FLASH where you can read great posts for women of a certain age on fashion and beauty!  This week the sponsor is the beautiful Mirabai at MOVING FREE WITH MIRABAI…just go HERE!  And make sure your follow her from great health and physical fitness advice!

Also, linking up with MONDAY MINGLE!! and SACRAMENTO’S SHARE-IN-STYLE  (obviously I chose pants!) and VISIBLE MONDAY!!

Happy Monday, all!

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