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the constant rise of life expectancy, maturing adults are gaining more and more
hold and influence in everyday life: as a consumer power, electoral power, and
growing number of drivers on the road.

1997, the number of licensed older drivers in America increased by 30%, and
according to the Federal Highway Administration, there are about 23 million
licensed older drivers, which represent 11% of our population.
situation holds many advantages, like gaining access for better mobility and
independence, but also suggests driving acclimation and a new level of safety

the U.S, about 500 older adult drivers are involved in car accidents each day.
According to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2008),
nearly 5,500 older drivers lost their lives in car crash incidents, and about
183,000 were injured. Fatal accidents decreased in 2012 to 4,079, but still
represent a considerable amount of driving casualties each year for older

addition, the risk of physical damage increases with age due to susceptibility
to injury, as well as, a possible decline in cognitive functioning that could
affect driving skills.

what can be done?
is advised to try and drive only in safe conditions: no driving in harsh
weather, or in low visibility conditions.

education can be beneficial, as various organizations such as AARP (American
Association of Retired Persons) and AAA (American Automobile Association) offer
various courses regarding education for road safety, specifically adjusted for
older drivers.
yourself and others by installing a new anti-collision technology in your
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