Alaia Fragrance: Exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue

I didn’t see the story on the news…however, I am certain people wondered why I was walking through the mall with the back of my hand nestled into my nose!

ALAIA, a new fragrance from fashion designer Azzedine Alaia, was the reason I did not want to take my hand away.  A special event at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE in North Star Mall was held to introduce the new product…and it is intoxicating.

The bottle design is reflective of Alaia’s lazer-cut leather fashions, and the top is a spool of thread.  But, what’s inside is sensual, with hints of rich leather and musk.  

Also, each purchase of a BODY LOTION and spray included this gorgeous black leather make up bag.  But, again, it is worth it for this aroma alone.  Put this one on your birthday, anniversary, holiday…any gift list.  I will know you bought it if I see you walking around with your hand in your nose!

Side note… I loved the mocktails at this event.  I had the nude tribute and it was perfect…mint, lime, brown sugar, fresh raspberries, sparkling water.

Have a fabulous Friday! And stop by SAKS this weekend to sample or buy ALAIA.

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