Since I began working retail this summer, I will leave the
boutique each day, exhausted from standing 5 hours on my feet, and look up this
staircase where my car waits at the top. 
Use it or Lose it….this is what
goes through my head each time…and what I repeat mentally to get me up those
  Oh, there is a choice…the
elevator doors are to the right. But, Use or Lose is the message that resonates
most. If I do not bend those knees, they will gradually cease to work.
The same is of our mental capacities…Use It or Lose It.  That is why I plan to work as long as I am
physically able.  I watched relatives deteriorate
mentally…choosing too often to take the elevator through the end of life and
mostly sit before a television.  There is
always a choice.

For the last sixteen years, I have been at my desk in a high
school during this week preparing for the school year….but now, I have gone
from the high school hallways to the business bi-ways and for the first time
decided to take a risk.

Starting a new business venture in your sixties may not make
sense to many, but I have done this because I MATTER.  And here is why it
makes sense to me:

Life is short!  My classroom did not even have windows…it
was time to see the world again.
I enjoy
  I really enjoy using my
gifting every day…that is not work to me. 
Remember….Use it or Lose it!
If not
now, probably never.
  I faced the
decision that if I did not take the risk, and begin my own business now, it
would probably never happen.
So many
people yet to meet.
  I loved my
students, but there was a desire to meet and experience new people again.  I worked in marketing and public relations
prior to teaching and to return to this world again is very comfortable for me.
the Blog.
  This blog began to thrive
five years ago and it did not make sense to put a lid on it because I was a
teacher during the day…it was time to allow it to grow unhindered.
I share this with you, because there may be some considering
taking risks.  You have to weigh it all
from finances to lifespan and quality of life. 
I am blessed to be married to a CPA who will watch all of the finances
and hold me accountable.  But, he also
played a huge role in encouraging me to do this.  He looked at the numbers, and said, let’s
give it a try.
My largest client has a small work area for me and it is
surrounded by huge windows!  It’s time to
look out and see what else is happening in the world.    Why? 
Because I MATTER and I desire
to use it….and not lose it!

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