Medifast Celebrates Good Health and Sensible Weight Loss

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Before I dive into this post, I would like to thank the wonderful people of JENNY CRAIG…for helping me to lose ultimately 25 pounds and many inches!  This was an amazing way to begin my trek toward good health.  Thank you so much for all you have done for me over the last year.

I am currently eating healthy and evaluating what my next steps will be.  My doctor recommended MEDIFAST…because SUGAR has been a huge issue with me and still needs some attention.
Medifast was originally created by doctors to help diabetics.  The success of the program grew.  One of the benefits is the INBODY ANALYSIS which would normally cost big bucks when done by a doctor.  

The wall of success shows how many have benefited from the program.  So, as part of my research, I will be visiting my local MEDIFAST IN LINCOLN HEIGHTS today for their Fit for Fall Fair.

Super sweet ladies, and a beautiful location. Remember, your counselors are an important part of any weight loss journey. They will answer my questions and I know they would be happy to answer yours, San Antonio.  In January, I will officially announce what I decide to do. 

Hope to see you today at MEDIFAST IN LINCOLN HEIGHTS

Make sure you have a personal good health plan, ladies!

Hope your weekend is very special!

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