I have been in search of a versatile, short, lightweight jacket for awhile and JJILL has delivered a good one in their July collection…in fact, the OPEN FRONT CARDI is available in many colors! 

I like the fact that JJill collections all work together to help women 50+ build a stylish, workable wardrobe…whether you are still in the work place, retired, or watching grandchildren!

The LONG PERFECT TANK top has excellent length and offers a very flattering fit.  It works for many different outfits in my closet.  

And remember, JJILL has great SUMMER ACCESSORIES…they sent me this hat last year and it is so much fun and really needed it for the intense sun we experience right now.

If you want a workable, worry-free, stylish wardrobe, consider JJill.  They have some excellent sale prices right now.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Disclaimer:  Clothing was provided for this review, but the words are my own.

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