Good morning!  Time for coffee, tea, and news for women of a certain age…where I curate headlines which may be of interest for ladies over 50 …just like us!  Let’s begin today with…

Household hacks….I love new ideas and ideas I wish I had thought of before…there are a couple of these that I slapped my head and said WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT??  So enjoy 15 Unexpected Household Hacks.

This article reveals a few loopholes for savings as we face or live through retirement.  Read the Loopholes article here.

Love sweet potatoes and they are so healthy…but what is the healthiest way to cook them?  Read the Healthiest Way to Cook a Sweet Potato….is not baking it!

Finally, meet a 70-year-old Cover girl, Maye Musk.  She is featured in an INStyle article...Meet Maye Musk HERE.

Please comment on any or all of these articles…take some time to skim great deals in the slide show below…and, of course,



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