Dreaming of Mother’s Day, evenings out, and Soft Surroundings

Soft Surroundings denim on Over 50 Feeling 40

Maybe I am trapped inside, but I can dream…can’t I?  Today, I am dreaming about Mother’s Day gifts…going out on warm spring and summer evenings, and how Soft Surroundings is perfect for all of this!

Soft Surroundings white pants for Spring 2020

Right before COVID-19, I showed you these beautiful pants from Soft Surroundings that will be so perfect through spring and summer. Hint: You know this was earlier because my toes are perfectly done.  They don’t look like this right now!  Back to the pants…I really cannot wait to wear these out and they would work for so many things from a simple dinner on the San Antonio Riverwalk, do even a garden wedding! 

Enjoy the Pearl in San Antonio on Over 50 Feeling 40

Right in front of this sign at The Pearl,  is an area where you can eat outside and watch grandchildren play in a splash pad.  It is a favorite for many locals in San Antonio.


Shell Necklace from Soft Surroundings on Over 50 Feeling 40

The El Mar necklace I am wearing is gorgeous from Soft Surroundings and would be lovely for a summer wedding…on a beach or in a garden.  The shells combined with pearls is lovely.  They have so many incredible necklaces that I would recommend you consider this for a Mother’s Day list of fun.  I have put some of these options in a slideshow here.  This is unique jewelry that isn’t really seen in other places.  


Soft Surroundings Summer Evening Outfit on Over 50 Feeling 40

Check out some of the items in the slideshow below.  You will see the sale information on their home page.  You can click through the finds I highlighted and go find your own…so much fun at Soft Surroundings…don’t forget they have a beauty and home section as well! Tell us…what’s on your wish list for Mother’s Day! 

Remember, in our social distancing world, your smile is the way you send hugs! 

KEEP SMILING and hugging!

Hair Accessories on Over 50 Feeling 40



AND!! Don’t forget! This is the last day to enter the Mother’s Day giveaway here to win beautiful hair accessories!  Winner announced on Friday!




By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.



  1. Love these pants and love the shell and pear necklace too! Wow! You look gorgeous. You are right on with your dreams . It’s what’s keeping some of us going. Seriously just thinking if all the kids hugs and kisses I’ve so missed is my motivation to be hopeful! Bye bye virus. Hello hugs and kisses. Dreaming.. !

  2. This is a beautiful outfit Pam, fellow love of black and white! The pants are SO pretty with the embellishments, and I really like the top and the necklace. SS has such beautiful things, and their jewelry is truly something you won’t see often, which makes it really special. I had a gift card and they had the $50 off deal this week, so I took full advantage and added some pretty things for summer. When you mentioned wearing those pants to a garden wedding, that’s such a good idea! Actually, this entire outfit would be pretty for that. We have rumors of retail opening soon…..fingers crossed in a major way over here! They haven’t come out with age restrictions or mask restrictions, so I’m hoping for the best! I was out for a walk this morning and noticed that people wait to cross a street in order to not even pass out in the fresh air. I understand, kind of, but think it’s sad that it has come to this. One lady practically shouted a good morning from across a wide street while she waited for me to get past where she was crossing. I just find it kind of sad. At least we could exchange a friendly “good morning” though, that was nice!

    1. I am sad about the interaction with others also, Karen. I love to interact with people even just standing in line at the grocery. So many are afraid and pulling back from even talking. I get it but it is sad.

  3. What I mean to say, not “pass out”, but to pass, when out in the fresh air! That sounded weird how I said it!

  4. Love your whole outfit.The lace bottoms on the pants are exquisite. Ditto the shoes and painted toes. I would wear the top to many functions. Just the outfit I would like. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the outfit and the suggestions today. Those pink shoes with the black top and white pants are great! Just the tiny bit of decoration on the pant leg, makes them look special.

    I have a concern that many readers may also have. Whenever we are allowed, I will be going to several funerals/memorials. It looks like temperatures will be hot, by then. One funeral will require a dress, which I don’t have. I am tall, busty, and have a tummy. The dress must have sleeves to the elbow at least, be relatively cool and cover my knees. I have looked countless times at various websites. I am now thinking that I need to try a skirt with a top or jacket, even though it will be hot. Would a kimono or ruana work with a skirt?Possibly a column dress with a kimono or ruana? Any suggestions that you have will be much appreciated.

    1. Let me work on this Jan. I will try to put some suggestions in my post on Saturday underneath the Would You Wear It item. You gave great detail here for me to think about. Hope I can find some options for you.

  6. What a lovely outfit. It is very classy and would work well for various activities. Have a lovely day.

  7. Your outfit is so striking. There is nothing so classic as black and white and I could see this outfit appropriate for so many occasions!

    I love that black top … is that from Soft Surroundings, too?

  8. This will be my first Mother’s Day in 30 years without one or both of my boys at home. We move our youngest up this Saturday to live with his brother in their new apartment together. Though only four hours away by car, this is a whole new chapter for me as their mother. Rather than bemoan my loss, I plan to focus on their happy new situation and the wonderful fact that my youngest feels healthy and strong enough to give this a go. I plan to devote M. Day weekend to showering my mother with undivided attention and love. 💖

    1. Awww…that’s sweet Connie! I don’t think I will be with any of mine only because the stay home was extended to the end of May. So sad!

  9. You look beautiful in your black and white! I wish the embellished jeans came in a petite size. Unfortunately, at 5 feet tall I’d have to cut a lot of it off. LOL! Thanks for your ever positive message. We all have so much to be grateful for!

    1. We do have much to be grateful for…I am aware of it more and more every day now…slowing down the schedule for a time allows us to focus on things we may have forgotten. Thanks Sharon. Many of SS garments come in petites…so sorry these do not.

  10. What a gorgeous outfit, Pamela — it looks lovely on you! Black & white will always be my favorite classic look & that necklace is just stunning (& very “me”!) I love San Antonio, btw. I’ve been there twice, once on a conference & once with my husband on a road-trip on the bike. Sometimes when you’re on a big Harley people don’t treat you all that well (we’re slightly geeky Canadian engineers, for goodness sake, not outlaw bikers, but folk have weird ideas!), but everyone in SA treated us as you would a friend, especially when they saw our BC tags, & that stuck with me. I wish you & your city well during these difficult times both medical & political.

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