Would You Wear It Cozy at Home

Would You Wear It Cozy at Home

So, just how cozy to you get at home…Let’s do a Would You Wear It Pop Up and see what you think of these styles.

I thought some of you may be done with wrapping and preparation…and be under a warm blanket with your computer or phone and be open to some fashion scrutiny.

Would You Wear It Cozy at Home

Remember, keep your comments personal and tell us if you would or would not wear the styles above and why…explain what your process is.

Please comment in such a way as to not offend someone who feels different from you and offer constructive thought.

So, look over my family of three and tell us, ladies………………………………………….


Today’s display is from Lane Bryant, and more styles are featured in the slideshow below…..



Season of Joy on over 50 Feeling 40

Over the next two days, I will conclude my focus on a Season of Joy.  I do have some thoughts for you on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day!

Then, Jennifer and I will have another Would You Wear It on Saturday…again for those who may be looking for interaction in this space.

For anyone who will be gone for a few days, I wish you a blessed Christmas.  Let my grandson’s joy remind you to anticipate the surprises, the smiles, and the childlike wonder of this holiday.

For those who may be here, I do have posts going right into the week of heading into a new year.




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By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Outfit left – I would wear the jacket, striped top and the jeans on the middle mannequin. I don’t wear ripped, torn jeans and don’t see the appeal. The other sweaters are not my style, but I do like the blue shades on the far right sweater. Happy Wednesday.

  2. i do like the twist tie shirt. i dont understand or buy distressed jeans…the middle plaid wouldnt be for me, and the black, blue on the end, well, that makes the slender manniquin look big, so heaven only knows what it would do to me…
    my cozy wear at home tends to just be yoga pants and oversized t shirts…i have fallen in love this year with somas pjs though, so they are being integrated into what ive started calling the uniform drawer. when summer comes around, its back to capri yoga pants and tank tops for at home.

    1. I Really dislike the ripped jeans.
      I don’t get it.
      The very slim jean/tights would look great with a long tunic top on most of us.
      Nice to see comfy tops .
      Happy holidays.

  3. I think I would have to say no to everything. All of the pants seem to be very slim and I am a women with larger legs, both thighs and calves, and I think all these pants would accentuate them. As for the tops, I like the stripped one but since I no longer have a flat stomach the way it is being worn I think it would accentuate an area that I wouldn’t want attention drawn to. I do not like the pattern or the neckline on the second top. As for the third top, since I carry more of my weigh below my waist, I would prefer the dark color on the bottom. Also, I don’t wear blue so I would prefer other colors. As for the the jacket, I like the length but I find these types of jackets tend to add bulk and at this time of my life I don’t need to add any bulk. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmastime!
    I would not wear any of these items. I’ll preface my comments by explaining that I am under 5’ with a long torso , tiny shoulders and hips and very short arms and legs. Let’s start with the pants: skinny, skinny, skinny. They all make the mannequins’ thighs look large. And if the mannequin looks big, or out of proportion, I think I would look way worse! It draws the eye to my worst feature, my very short muscular legs. I prefer a relaxed leg with a short top, that visually stops at my waist. I don’t wear long tops because they make my legs look waaaay shorter than they already are. And stripes around the hips and butt? Not for me! I like the proportions to be 1/3 on top, 2/3 on bottom to fool the eye. Jennifer of A Well Styled Life put into words what my eye had been telling me for years. I know some women can do the reverse proportions of long top, short bottom, but I just don’t think it’s flattering. And if you remember What Not to Wear, we were told that if you want to make a large lower half look smaller, cut it in half with a top that stops halfway down the bottom instead of making it bigger/wider with a large expanse of fabric. It really works!
    Have a wonderful healthy holiday!

  5. No to all, for me. I don’t like colors, patterns, and definitely not the ripped up jeans. The faced jeans might be okay in the summer, but those look a little worn. These outfits just don’t appeal to me. Cozy at home for me is the same as if I was going out to run errands. I usually wear jeans and a sweater with a turtleneck underneath, sometimes add a scarf or necklace, or leggings and a longer sweater or top. I have to be dressed nicely to have a productive day. Jeans are kind of my reminder to not snack during the day as they are not as forgiving as leggings or yoga pants!

    1. Should say I don’t like the colors shown here! I didn’t mean colors or patterns in general, just not these!

  6. I am another one who does not wear distressed and ripped jeans. Unfortunately nothing in this display would call me over as I have more than enough loose sweater for comfort at home. I do like some of the jeans with embelishments in the slide show and would take a look at them. I have 2 puffy jackets, so that is not a draw for me either. I do think this would work for the younger customer and can see my DIL in any one of them.

  7. Like the non-ripped jeans and puffer jacket, classic and useful. . I’m in the market for a pair of comfy, slim, pull on denim jeans. These are too tight and too short for someone who is 5’9”. It’s hard to buy anything form fitting now when not going into stores and not being able to try on. Any suggestions would be welcome. I also appreciate that you will have posts up on the holiday. Those of us home alone will enjoy them!

    1. Hi Sue, Happy to join you for Christmas…look over Soft Surroundings, they have TALL sizes for women and lately some great sales.

  8. I actually like the middle and right mannequins and would buy the tops and jeggings. I have gotten to where I will wear the more fitted bottoms, but like my tops loose and not body hugging as I have too many rolls that I want to hide! I saw the middle top in the store recently and actually ordered that top after trying one on in store and it didn’t fit so I ordered the larger size since that was the only one they had left. I do need plus sizes so am always glad to find that option in the clothes that you feature. Have a wonderful holiday. As I have said before I look forward to your posts every day. I want to try the cranberry cookie recipe now that I have more time. I am retiring at the end of this month, although my last day to work was yesterday.

  9. I have a similar puffer jacket, which serves a need in my closet, though maybe not my most flattering coat. I don’t like ripped jeans, and all these tops are designed to make a person appear larger than they are (diagonal plaids and argyle are some of my very worst patterns!). I don’t need any help looking wider, but these outfits might be good for a more slender someone trying to balance some proportions. I appreciate the retailer taking time to hang the clothes on the mannequins properly and style them with necklaces.

  10. Not the ripped jeans. I do have a striped tee, but the knot doesn’t work for me. The middle one is just my style.

  11. A no to the middle top as not fond of its pattern (though do like its style) whereas the other two a definite yes but would pair them with jersey (knit) leggings if anything which brings me to the jeans shown. A no to them as prefer light washed denim for spring ‘n summer wear and definitely not distressed to the point the ones on the left are. (Do not mind frayed lower hems or a bit of razor worn, but feel these are a bit overboard particularly for someone my age.) As to the puffer jacket; unless it has a removable hood a no to it as only opt for such if the weather is exceptionally cold ‘n blustery, heavily snowing or for a recreational purpose that demands bundling up. (Otherwise I prefer to wear an infinity scarf or similar that can serve the same purpose if need be which I will also add, do not create blind spots like many attached hoods do if not toggled tightly.)

  12. None of the outfits appeal to me. The jeans are too tight, distressed, and don’t look comfortable. The dark jegging in the center I might wear with a different long top and booties. Wishing you and yours a safe and very Merry Christmas! 🎄

    1. I would not wear any of the items as styled. Basic denim as in the middle and on the right are already in my wardrobe. I would consider paring the sweater on the far right with the middle jeans. No ripped or ragged edge jeans for me. I would like that white folded fair isle sweater on the sale table, though.
      Have a merry and safe holiday, Poll Amelia. I enjoy your blog and look forward to your postings in the coming year.

  13. I recently bought a down jacket with diagonal stitching so yes to the jacket. I don’t wear horizontal stripes or ripped jeans so “no” to the rest of the outfit. I wear leggings and tunic style tops but I wouldn’t wear outfits 2 and 3 as shown. I think the diagonal plaid would emphasize my larger bust. The blue-toned sweater looks a little heavier than I like and I definitely wouldn’t wear it with very faded denim. If I liked the weight of the knit, I’d wear a pant that was closer in color to the bottom band of the sweater.

  14. I would say no to the outfit on the left. I admire puffer jackets & vests on others, but when I try them, I always feel like BIM the Michelin Man, & like so many others, I don’t wear ripped jeans. I do like the other two outfits, but I’m not sure how the necklines would work on short neck.

  15. Like MP I would wear the dark wash leggings center and the jacket left. I don’t wear ripped or light wash jean leggings or traditional jeans. It’s an age thing I guess.
    As MP mentions the blues on the sweater right are nice but the sweater itself (styling) is not for me.

  16. I’m yet another one who doesn’t wear distressed jeans. I like the top/sweater on the left, but I wouldn’t knot it. I would also wear the jacket. The middle outfit is my favourite. I would definitely wear that one as long as the top was long enough to cover those parts that ought to be covered when wearing leggings! The only things I like about the outfit on the right are the necklace and the blues in the sweater.

  17. The diagonal lines on the center top appeal to me. Not a fan or horizontal stripes that carry the eye side to side and definitely don’t want wide horizontal strips across my hips (I’m a pyramid body shape). I don’t quite understand why it’s been a trend to purchase distressed jeans, so a firm ‘no thanks’ to the jeans on the left

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