Would You Wear It – Short Jacket

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs!

Today, I am featuring Would You Wear It – Short Jackets and you will see a different display with Jennifer.

We bring you these for your consideration and for learning from one another…simply answer Would You Wear It?


Would You Wear It

I saw this display recently styled with a shorter jacket over a longer top and it made me wonderful what you would think.

Simply tell us if you would or would not wear it and explain your reasons…so we can learn from one another why something works for one and not for another.

You may also tell us if you would or would not make changes with the display…does the display motivate you to purchase?

Would You Wear It

So look these two lovely mannequins over and tell us, ladies…..


This display is from a recent stop by Talbots …..here is more currently there…..The 30% off sale goes through tomorrow!



Would You Wear It


Thank you to all the kindness and love voiced on yesterday’s post and on Facebook about a home invasion and attempted assault on me.

The entire RING video is in the blog post.  

An update:  The man was arrested and is a repeat sexual offender.  Which is really frightening to me.  He may not be held in jail long…they cannot guarantee it.

The lessons I have learned are to make sure I always have something on me…even if just mace…and to share with many in order to help you stay safe.

I am also a big fan now of the RING and the NEXTDOOR APP.  Both helped lead to this arrest.

Mother’s Day is definitely sweeter and more meaningful to me this year.

Now, please tell us what you think of today’s Would You Wear It display and then go to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s…..stay safe and always…..



By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It



  1. Frightening verdict about the man who chased you into the house. I know from personal experience that it takes time to get past this, and I know you will, but it really shakes you to the core. Good idea to carry something to use in situations which hopefully won’t repeat.
    Of today’s items in the display, I would wear the shirt on the left with the dark pants, but would not wear the outfit featured with the jacket. I don’t like that jacket at all. I used to be okay with shorter over longer, but I’ve grown tired of it. I truly have fashion phases that I move through! The display is okay, but I don’t like the style or the shade of blue in this particular jacket. Happy Mother’s Day Pam, and I’m so glad that you are safe!

  2. Good morning Pam! I sincerely hope this man in yesterdays story stays locked up!
    Peace of mind is a valuable thing!
    On todays post- yes to the shorter jacket if layered on a longer under layer as shown. Either of these two printed shirts (blouses) would work for me. A solid might work too. And I love this little Chanel style jacket shown here. I like the contrast with jeans.

  3. The short jacket is a no. There is too much going on for me – quilted fabric, contrast trim, button on the pocket. I would wear a jean jacket instead. I do like the other outfit with the long sleeve blouse. I’m not much for floral but that is so abstract and looks like toile. Nice.

  4. I so hope he is held for some time…especially since he has priors…but who knows in today’s world. Thanks Paulette!

  5. So glad you are okay. What a frightening experience.
    I love the short jacket but would wear it with a tucked in shirt. It would pair with slacks, jeans or even a skirt. I could also see it over a dress.

  6. Well, I hope you are feeling a bit better knowing that he has been identified and caught, however the fact that he could be running around again is upsetting. With that record, the outcome could have been very different if Mr. B. had not been there. Sending you a big warm hug Pam, and I hope you get lots of those tomorrow for Mother’s Day. As for the display today, no to the jacket due to the shrunken nature of it, but I do like the blouse on the left and the colour is one I would wear, but would lighten the pants to a grey shade. Take care.

  7. I’m long waisted and short jackets usually don’t hit me at the right part of my body so the jacket is a no. Love Talbots shirts and I do like this print.

  8. I am so sorry to hear what you went thru. So glad he turned and left but I agree it will take some time to get over. As far as the styling I keep looking at the mannequins hands only, they are at such weird angles to me. Glad you are safe.

  9. Pam, you were so often in my thoughts yesterday. I kept thinking of your situation, thanking God you were not harmed, and praying no one else was. I try to walk daily in a cemetery behind our house, thinking it is a safe place with no trees or buildings nearby, but I still am very aware of people who sometimes drive in and sit in their cars. Thankfully, I can avoid where they are, but realize that I can no longer run if someone tried to attack me. I might need to get some mace too. Concerning today’s clothing, I like the two blouses and the jacket, but to me, the blouse underneath the jacket is too long. I’m just not very comfortable with a short jacket over long top.

  10. I like the idea of a short jacket but mot over a long top. I wear short jackets so my lower half appears longer ( I’m very short with long torso and crazy short legs), so the long blouse will defeat the purpose. I don’t care for this jacket…too much going on. I like to keep it simple.

  11. I love a short jacket over a longer top. It gives a bit of waist definition and helps the longer pieces have a better proportion. This combo is busier than I wear but the harmonizing colors are nice.
    I’m so grateful you’re safe!! Situational awareness is so critical for women. Take the time to heal from this traumatizing ordeal. Love you! Xx

  12. I’m seeing lots of short jackets on display this spring, especially jean jackets in all colours. I think I’d prefer one of those to the one you’ve shown. As I’m quite tall (5’8″), I’m not sure that a short jacket would look good on me, but I’m tempted to try one on just to see. If I did wear one, I’d style it over a longer top.

  13. Happy Mother’s Day Pam! Thankful you were not hurt … praise God you’re going to be fine. Love Talbots but don’t care for the short jacket over long blouse. ; )

  14. After watching your Ring video yesterday I shared it with my husband, mother, and then relayed the story to a few close friends. Thank you for putting your experience out there for us to have important and necessary safety and strategy talks. As to the display, I am enjoying seeing so much blue in the displays and in spring offerings as these are truly my colors. That said, the short jacket is not a design for my tall body. I feel overly exposed. I would snap up the other pieces to mix and match with current wardrobe.

  15. Oh my goodness! How awful for you! I’m so glad your husband was home and you’re safe!

    As for whether I’d wear it — I’m wearing it right now :-). Or rather, I’m wearing a short cardigan over a longer sleeveless top, over an A-line maxi skirt. I like the flowy layers, but I have to be very careful when doing them because I’m top-heavy and I can look like a blimp if I’m not careful. 😀

    I like the silhouette of both the mannequins, but that particular jacket probably wouldn’t work for me because it looks rather stiff and bulky.

  16. I am so glad you are safe. What a scary event for you. We do need to be vigilant and I feel so much safer with our camera system and our community of neighbors that keep an eye out for one another.
    I much prefer the outfit on the left. I like a classic Chanel type jacket. If I were to this one on the left, I would match it with a crisp white sleeveless blouse and black or navy pants or a print skirt.

  17. First off; dear Pamela I am so sorry to learn of your encounter but am thankful that you were not physically harmed and have hope that your Faith in coming days, will give you the strength to deal with such a traumatic experience.
    As to the mannequins today; I might be temped to purchase the printed long sleeved shirt for a Spring ‘n Summer staple due to its color and design (wear with different bottoms and ideal for air conditioned environments plus for sun protection). Whereas the other pieces do not appeal to me so much in style for my body type. (Prefer more fitted) Also IMHO feel; the jacket’s quilted fabric as well as the type of trim used on it, does no favour to its Chanel design/cut so it is something I personally would not invest in.
    🌺 Sending you a virtual hug with wishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow.🌺 -Brenda-

  18. @elle: Both my daughter and son are in policing and they would not advise the use of pepper spray by the novice user as can be harmful to one’s breathing, not only to the aggressor but they themselves if either have environmental allergy reactions. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Here is Canada such substances (Mace, Bear Spray etc.) are illegal to use as considered weapons and/or you can be heavily fined if found on your person.

  19. I am so glad you are safe. I love to read your blog. You are such a caring and sincere lady.

  20. After talking to many people the last three days…I have ordered pepper spray.

  21. @ Pamela: Hopefully you will never have to use it however if so, PLEASE be super cautious as it can affect the lungs and debilitate you (as said above). -Brenda-

  22. I like the style of the jacket. So glad you are safe What a awful ordeal to go through.

  23. Short jackets are no friend of mine! When I was younger & very slim I could pull it off but at 5’11”” and a 14/16 they just cut my body at a very wrong place! Very disproportionate & I sure look so much better in the longer jacket!
    Very scary incident, Pam! One of my 3 sons is a police officer & he tries to remind us all that it doesn’t matter how bucolic a community we live in we always need to be aware! 💪

  24. Hi Pamela,
    I am so taken back by what you have experienced. I can imagine how terrified
    you were and what a shock this is to you on so many levels. Thank goodness your Mr. B was at home to help.
    It’s really so disturbing that this person will be let out in the future. I hope there is some way you can be notified when he is released. With one of my horrid experiences the man was given three years behind bars.
    On a side note do you have a “Neighborhood Watch” organized in your
    neighborhood or community? We have this in our community. We live in a gated community, however that does not mean we have not had our share of car breakdowns. The sign is posted in our subdivision. Also we have a sign in our window by the front door. Thank you for telling us about “Ring Video.” I will check this out soon.
    I have had several unfortunate encounters with men and it’s left a permanent mark on me. You can never be too careful.
    I took a women’s defensive class that helped give me some tools. It helped with some of my fears and offered techniques to help ward off an attacker.
    I’m wrapping gentle and tender hugs around you as you continue to heal.

  25. Pam, one of the wonderful things about living in Texas is the warm, caring friendliness of our community. You exhibit that openness and kindness every single day on your blog. I just HATE what this awful man did to you after you tried to be helpful to him. Unfortunately, our world has changed, and we all must be so aware these days, even in beautiful San Antonio in lovely neighborhoods. I’m so grateful God got you through your front door where Mr. B. came flying out! (BTW, that man can move!!!). Thank you for being kind and open enough to share this horrible time with all of us so that we might benefit from your experience. May the Lord bless you, keep you, and heal you. And a no to the short jacket; like another one of your readers, I personally am over the short jackets. They just do nothing for me. It is nice to see the return of springtime blue in the stores however.

  26. The blouse is styled tucked into the pants with the jacket. The look is much ‘tidier’ and professional looking. I don’t like the jeans at all and would replace them with either a darker wash denim in a more fitted look or with actual business trousers

  27. The blouse is styled tucked into the pants with the jacket. The look is much ‘tidier’ and professional looking. I don’t like the jeans at all and would replace them with either a darker wash denim in a more fitted look or with actual business trousers

  28. You are a gem to share this experience in order to help others, Pamela. You are a strong and amazing person.

  29. I hope that this man is not released as he is a repeat offender, but as you said, we never know. I would wear the short jacket but would not wear it over the longer top. I have never cared for that look. I think it looks unfinished. If the top were tucked in both outfits would be fine. I love the various shades of blue.

  30. I would wear both patterned shirts. I don’t mind short jackets, I just don’t care for this jacket, the quilted fabric and trim aren’t for me. I would wear a jean jacket.

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