7  Must-Own Garments…In Paris!

7 Must-Own Garments…In Paris!

I spotted this woman on the streets of Chicago last summer looking, actually, very French.  But, according to what I have learned…I have some shopping to do if I want the Parisian style. Join me today HERE on Midlife Boulevard to see what seven...
OOLALA…What Parisians Teach Us About Style!

OOLALA…What Parisians Teach Us About Style!

I’ve decided to begin an in-depth study…what we learn about our style from the uber-stylish Frenchwomen.  I am reporting what has been written and observed by a couple of my favorite authors.  Just go HERE to Midlife Boulevard and join me in...
Parisian Influences:  Scarves!

Parisian Influences: Scarves!

Friday is the last day for the Paris Party Blog Event and it has been so much fun to read many different stories of this amazing city. I have just about exhausted all of my resources except to tell you about one more elegant blogger who actually lives in Paris...

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