I hope by now that some of you have decided to come out of the tired “I – give- up” looks that so many over 50 women wear and come into the fun, feeling younger light! Please share with us what you learn along the way and recommend your own retailers and products!

Change was exhilarating for me! I felt better when I went to work, to meetings, to lunch, out with my husband, to church, to run errands…all the way around I was feeling better. I know there are some of you who are creative-types like me (you know, happier in art & drama classes in high school than in math & science) and will understand completely when I say that ACCESSORIES are the SPICE of fashion. Stick with me through this analogy, a meal without spice is bland….but a meal with too much spice is inedible. Therefore, you goal is to combine your spices so that the meal is incredible! The right accessories are not only fun, but also functional. Just as some of our spices are healthy…OK, you get the picture, I hope. I long scarf or necklace can elongate the body. A great belt can define a waist. A unique, creative line of accessories can expand your wardrobe.

Just heed this WARNING…these spices can be addictive. You can definitely do too much, so do not forget less is more. There is an old saying that you should remove at least one accessory before going out the door. I confess: sometimes I do this, and sometimes I don’t. Accessories should be proportional to your size and body type. Shorter women can be over powered by long scarves and big earrings. Make certain your earrings and necklaces do not compete with one another. Simple and classy are always the best ways to go. I love fun, long, earrings…but I am taller, longer and do not have to wear a traditional business suit to work. However, I try to only wear the bigger earrings when I do not have on a large necklace.

One of my favorite looks has become a simple, neutral top with a long, fun print scarf, earrings which complement the scarf but do not compete with it, and a bold bracelet. I was asked recently by a student how many scarves I have, so maybe I do scarves too often. But, I really like the look. I found a wonderful scarf at Marshall’s recently full of creams, orange, and green, but it was one of those Infinity scarves which go around in a circle and I did not like the look on me. It was on clearance for nine dollars. So I bought, and cut the circle on the seam…jagged the edges a bit with the scissors and it looks great. It is now one of my favorites and the print is bold with colors I really love.

I have a personal rule when I am shopping: I do not pay full price for anything UNLESS it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Sale shopping for accessories is very easy and most of the major retailers provide coupons, birthday discounts, frequent shopper rewards, etc. I take advantage of everything I can. Always check the clearance sections for great accessories.

There will be much more about this topic later, because after all it is the SPICE. But I had to end this entry with the picture of this purse I recently purchased at Marshalls for the fall. I love the vintage, fun look of this purse. It just makes me smile. Look for something that makes you smile when you look in the mirror and have fun with your shopping!

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