It did not take long for me to see that a staple in an S & C 101 wardrobe are great structured jackets. They do make one look much thinner and always add a touch of class & sophistication. I get frustrated with the ladies who believe that jackets are too conservative….I’ve never seen a jacket vote! But, I get the point. It depends on what you do with the jacket as to whether they look old fashioned or unimaginative. I wear them often with trouser jeans and feel so much better about an outfit wearing one. But, again, you must try them on! There are some real dogs out there and you shouldn’t waste your money…or reputation…on them.

Fit is crucial with jackets. More guidelines from S & C 101: Make sure the shoulder seam hits at the shoulder; the buttons need to able to button (not because it should always be worn that way, but because that means it fits your body); to elongate your body, make sure the jacket hits at the base of the hip or top of the thigh; for those with a larger chest, a three button jacket is preferential in order to “lock and load the girls;” and seaming is very important. Look for jackets with great seaming and don’t try on the many that are out there with no seams to their names. A variety of jackets in neutral colors can really expand a wardrobe and I know this from experience!

Last spring, I added a couple of the longer jackets called the boyfriend style cut. While I personally love them, they are not flattering to a large middle section. After losing some weight, I will love them more.

You must shop for them…shopping means to take the time to look around….you will find jackets that do so much for your look and body that they are worth paying the big bucks. Occasionally, you will discover treasure. I have two jackets which I have owned for about four years from Target and Old Navy…. they fit and look great! The cost was next to nothing and I continue to wear them today. I also have some really nice designer jackets which I found at Marshall’s, Ross, and Macy’s and fit incredibly well. I love jackets and even in the Texas heat, it is possible to wear them with a sleeveless tank and not burn up! I also have a couple of mid-length sleeve jackets…great for warmer weather. Every woman should own a supple leather jacket, but be picky about the fit. Shop around…yes, now, even in the summer heat…you can find a great summer clearance price and be ready for the first cold snap. Clearance prices are tempting on line and can be found on fun locations like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. Make sure any online shopping includes an easy return policy, because the fit must be excellent in order to justify the expense.

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