The Long and the Short of It

I realize that I started sharing trends with you for the fall, but overall I do not have the income or the inclination to follow trends. I just happen to really like the khaki and leopard combination. In fact, it seems like the animal prints are in one year…out the next…back again…out again…but somehow, worth keeping in the closet. You will be able to tell what I like pretty quickly, but hopefully, you will begin to notice what you like…what looks best on you…what feels best on you. The goal is to look good and feel good, so that you are not really even aware of the clothes.

Stacy London says on the WNTW website, “I never believe in trends. Wear just what looks good on you.”

She and Clinton talk a lot about the benefits of “elongating your look.” In fact, Clinton often says that the goal is to look like a tall, cool glass of water. Sounds good in our summer heat, right? This is very beneficial no matter what your height or weight is; taller women sometimes dress in ways that cut themselves short. Those of us over 50 struggle with other issues here. I swear I think I have shrunk. I haven’t been diagnosed with osteoporosis, but the last two years at the doctor, I have been a whole half inch shorter!! But, just saying the words, ELONGATE YOUR LOOK, makes me sit taller at the computer. Elongation and good posture (shoulders back everyone) go hand in hand.

So, here are those tips (S & C 101):

1. Make sure you have a full length mirror. If you don’t, truck over to Target and get one today! You do not have to spend big bucks, but you need this in order to see your complete outfit.

2. Wear V-neck collars more than anything else. They open up the neck, face, and stream line the look. I have fallen in love with V-necks and wear them more than any other collar now. After hearing this, I could tell how a turtle neck or wrapping a scarf up to the chin really made me hunch over.

3. Watch the length of your skirts and short pants. Wearing skirts to your ankles actually makes you look shorter. A nice mid length showing some of the leg will add length and be slimming. A Capri, as I said before, cuts you off mid leg, so it is actually more slimming to wear a walking short which hits at the top of the knee. When you begin to try things on armed with knowledge, you will see the difference in the mirror and have new understanding.

4. Use accessories to add length. I will wear a scarf hanging long down the front of the shirt or on either side rather than bunch it up around my neck. I tend to wear the longer necklaces than shorter…though I do change it up some.

5. Stacy reminds us that a heel (even a small one) will elongate the look. I know many of you cannot or will not wear a heel. I am going to discuss this more when we get to shoes. I had the dreaded bunion surgery three years ago and have said good bye to heels, but there are fun options out there.

6. Watch the lengths of your jackets, cardigans, and shirts which are worn outside. Traditionally, they need to hit top of the hip or mid-hip. If they are too long, they can cut your height off and not be flattering. Look at the longer ones for a long time from all angles before you buy it and be sure it is a flattering fit to your body type. DO NOT BUY CLOTHES WITHOUT TRYING THEM ON! It saves you so much money and time if you adhere to this rule.

7. Finally, if you are a TUCKER, you might consider changing your ways. An un-tucked shirt is now in style, and really slims, elongates the look. The slimmer and taller ladies can get away with tucking more than the other half. I, also, learned at Chico’s that pulling your sleeves to the elbow (I have said this before) and not wearing the sleeve all of the way down, will elongate and slim the look. The employees at Chico’s are armed with little tips such as this one! But, if you prefer to shop alone…you might want to try someplace else! I have learned great tips from them though.

Whew…now I’m going for the tall, cool glass of water. Wish you could join me and we could just sit outside and get to know one another better.

Shopping Note: Wal-Mart has great V-neck layering t-shirts for under your structured jackets or cardigans. They have a variety of colors and they sell for $3.50-$5.00. They hold up pretty well in the wash, but I hang them to dry.

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