Remember, I was going to look for a camel colored jacket to go with that great scarf I found on sale (OK, maybe I am addicted to scarves!) well, I found the jacket!! I’m thinking brown pants and red shoes, but I might change my mind in a couple of months. I love separates…this would go with a pencil skirt or jeans! When shopping for jackets, remember to avoid shoulder pads…we just do not need to look like linebackers! I cleaned out all of the shoulder pad equipment when I swept through the closet with new resolve. I do have a couple of jackets with very small shoulder pads in them…just not the 80s big ones. I actually had a seamtress remove shoulder pads from two jackets I really liked.

S & C 101:  You control the clothes do not let the clothes control you.  You might need a little tailoring every now and then to get the perfect fit and a stylish, modern look.

Speaking of the closet…have you started cleaning it out yet? Just start now with the items you cannot wear…or start with all of the items that do not fit. My closet cleaning was a process, but when I finally finished, I added a small artistic rug and a little detailing to make it a fun place to get dressed. It is now a place I look forward to walking into and not a place I disrespect and avoid.

OK, Girls, we are on our way! In future posts, I will discuss overabundance- of- black- clothing; elongating your look; shoes (how could I wait so long to discuss shoes!).

Feeling younger yet? More confident? It will come, trust me.

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