HOT FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wal-Mart solved several of my problems today! School spirit shirts are notoriously frumpy or too small…rarely is there an in-between. These frumpy, shrunken shirts are also usually over priced by Booster Clubs attempting to fund the school athletic program. Now, I don’t mind the fundraising if the product is good. But, today these stylish polos caught my eye as I came off the peanut butter aisle! They are only $13….several different colors…and have an amazing fit. The tag: Riders by Lee, Instantly slims you; Slenderizing in the seams; Shaped side seams; Curved front hem. The seams are incredible and the 97% cotton, 3% spandex blend makes them soft and cool to wear. I am now ready for a maroon out and a white out. Bring it on!!

I was on a Roll- Back- Roll when I saw nearby long sleeved dark denim shirts! These are returning to the fall fashion scene with browns and camels for career and casual wear. Wal-Mart’s Faded Glory version is only $12…I am still kicking myself for throwing out the one I had, but they haven’t been back in style for a long time.

Looks just like the expensive ones!

Finally, my favorite color to wear, olive green, because, YES, it brings out my eyes is really big this fall. I found this knit top just behind the denim for only $8.00 and it was also available in several colors. These are excellent layering pieces for under those form fitting jackets we talk so often about.

Scarf is from Marshall’s – Cejon brand only $13

I got groceries too…I just wasn’t as excited about them!

FINALLY, CHECK OUT GIGI!!  This great form fitting pencil is from Stein Mart!  She’s got the art teacher look in urban chic!

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