The Fabulous Mrs. A
One of my high school students and twenty-something former students love, love, love the store, Anthropologie. But, I confess, I have always thought of it as a store for their age groups, but not mine. However, my glamorous friend, Mrs. A, wore the most incredible vest to a faculty dinner last week…from a clearance rack at Anthropologie! The colors in the vest were fabulous (sorry my picture isn’t) and she topped it with a wonderful necklace of stones mixing like colors. I love to see what she wears as she is so classy….a model…and beginning a new acting career. She was fresh off of filming a small speaking-part scene in Dallas the day of the dinner. I was fresh off of sweeping dead crickets out of my classroom, so you can see why I follow her around.

Also, check out Gigi’s necklace from the same dinner. She had just picked it up for $2 at a re-sale shop that afternoon. Remember part of this journey is changing our way of thinking…if you have hang-ups about wearing formerly owned items…you will be poorer than the rest of us!! If you have hang ups about stores like Anthropologie, you might miss out on unique pieces that help create individual style. 

One last comment from Mrs. A….she says that it only takes five minutes to change a purse. The wrong purse can destroy your outfits…so I’m off to change the purse!

Good to go!

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