Printaholics Beware!

Walk away from the flames and the picnic checks!! 
This subtle print has a touch of red and looks great with a neutral cardigan

When used properly, prints can give you style, fun, and a distinguishable trademark. When over used or paired improperly, they can have you labeled the insane old lady of the neighborhood. If people snicker when you walk by, it might be time to tone it down. Seriously, I love prints and feel very young and fashion forward when I wear them. But there are a few basic rules that you should keep in mind:

1. Understand what colors look best on you. Typically, it is best for our age groups to avoid pastels and look for saturated colors. Instead of baby blue look for teal; instead of bubblegum pink go for maroons; instead of lime green go for the military green, etc.

2. Pair your print with a simple neutral jacket or pant. Neutrals are black, white, brown, tan, grey, or varieties of these with a very small stripe or plaid.

Belt a flowy print to define a waist

3. If you choose to follow the current trend of mixing prints, make sure the colors complement each other and can be found in both prints. They just have to GO not MATCH perfectly. In fact, avoid matching perfectly at all costs. Caution! There are only a few people with artistic eyes who can do this successfully. It is a great look, but can also be a train wreck if done wrong.

4. Prints can be found in all pieces of clothing and accessories, so make sure the entire OUTFIT goes.

5. Keep it simple, ladies. You do not want the prints to overpower the look.


6. Smaller women should were small prints, and larger women can wear the larger prints.

Do not fear prints or color…they really make putting together a new look each day great fun! I taught school with a lady a couple of years ago, who said that she has never worn the same outfit twice. At the time, I thought she must have a separate bedroom just for a clothes closet. But now that I have built a wardrobe of primarily separates and accessories, I see how she is easily able to do that. There are so many different ways you can pair items together and stretch your clothing dollar. It can really be a lot of fun.

A little bling is perfectly OK!

Fall’s favorite print is leopard!

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