Mrs. Belle?  This is how your feet should look!!

I have a confession to make. When I was in high school, my fellow Rebels (we really were the Lee High Rebels) and I loved to torment a substitute teacher named Mrs. Belle. She always wore polyester dresses to her ankles covered by intense colors and big, clunky nursing shoes. She was overboard strict and we did things just to get a reaction….sorry, Mrs. Belle, just know what goes around comes around and I have had my share of student torment. But, I still have an image of her screaming at us and threatening to throw one of those shoes, which could have easily sent one of us to the emergency room!
I think throughout history teachers have been one of the worst groups of fashion offenders. I love my co-workers, but I have heard every excuse for poor style……My dress is comfortable….On my salary? Please, I dress well with the income I have….who has time for style with all those papers to grade….and on and on. The reality is that few (not all) teachers do not stop to think about their influence as a role model for young men and women. They are simply living in a dream world if they think parents and students do not hear the message that they do not care about how they look.

I heard a stylist say the other day that fashion is non-verbal communication. I really believe that to be true. If you want respect in the classroom then in helps to dress in such a way as to garner respect. Maybe we do not all want to work in administration, but we should dress like we do. I want my teenage ladies to reflect strength and dignity at their age, but if I do not reflect it also at my age, then I lose them as listeners to the message.

   We were instructed to come to in-service this week in “business casual” attire. The vague description flung wide the door for everything from shorts topped with a masculine polo to some very classy looks. The look on this blog was worn by my dear friend, Gigi. She is 56 and one of the classiest women I know….of course it helps that she is a renowned art instructor and interior designer. But, what is so great about Gigi’s look is that every piece was bought on clearance. Even her fabulous shoes came from The Rack at Nordstroms, all clearance. Maybe she isn’t intentionally dressing for the job she wants and not for the job she has, but with an incredible look like this one, she will be called up to New York to work as a designer any day now.

Students will not torment someone dressed like this!

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