Beware: Bad Fashion is found all around you!
As a teacher, I listen to a lot of excuses. There are times when every home computer and printer mysteriously shut down over night…it is amazing! Another excuse list which runs rampant around some of the ladies I know is the one about how the excessive heat is an excuse not to take time in the morning with clothing, hair and makeup. The shapeless polyester comes out and the hair goes into pony tails without a moment to consider the years it adds to a total look. Tapered Capri pants and tattered flip flops just make the situation worse. Now, don’t accuse me of not understanding. I am born and bred in Texas. Most years, summer goes all the way to November and I even remember one January in a school carpool line when it was a sizzling 102! I have been the one who used the heat as an excuse and want to apologize to my children right now for all the years of looking horrible while they were in elementary and middle school. Also, I have learned that it is easy to look good and be cool as a cucumber.
What Not to Wear!

Some of your best friends in the summer can be skirts, dresses, walking shorts, and cute short sleeved tops. Think of ways to take a simple sundress adorn it with cute (not tattered) sandals, sunglasses, colorful purse, and fun earrings…then you are good to go! Big floppy hats are acceptable anywhere and even more acceptable for those of us over 50! The younger ones are still catching on to the importance of skin protection. When the first wrinkle appears so will a whole new understanding. Think simple, cool cottons and add to them with simple cool accessories. It does not take any longer to do this than it does to hide in a floppy polyester shirt; but can mean the difference between looking younger or being called grandma by young, cocky store clerks. Gershwin’s summer song ends this way: “Your daddy’s rich and your momma’s good lookin’. So hush little baby, don’t you cry.” Oh yeah, and your momma’s good lookin.’

Summer Beauty…Just Like You!

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