Timeless vs. Old Fashioned

Classics. Timeless or stodgy? The word “classic” actually brings controversy to the world of fashion. The article about Grace Kelly in the August Harper’s Bazaar already had me thinking about what makes a classic. Then I saw that the fall fashion line up once again includes tailored white shirts, black pants, camel-colored trench coats, pearls, and a touch of leopard! These are all classics.

I am in the camp that associates classics with synonyms such as flawless, superior, ideal, distinguished, top notch, timeless, vintage, and quintessential. The little black dress (one that fits your curves), pointy toed shoes, stilettos (for those who can still wear them), all versions of pearls, the Chanel-tweed look, lace, and pinstripes are all classics which enhance your wardrobe and your sophistication.

Now, I realize some of you look at classics as old-fashioned, archaic, typical, obsolete, conservative, and antique. Once again, I will challenge you to change your way of thinking. Think: CLASSIC MEANS CLASSY. To have these in your wardrobe, will ultimately help us in achieving the goal of confidence, strength and dignity. It is hard to go wrong with a classic look…unless it just does not fit well.  Also, there are many versions of the classics.  They are updated and brought to us in a variety of ways every season.

I watched Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember this week. For the most part, her clothing would be just as timely today. The way the first evening dress she wears on the cruise fits her body is beautiful. No matter your age or your body type, you can have the style of a Grace Kelly and can make heads turn when you enter the room. Enter the room with confidence…carry yourself with grace…look in mirror today and say, “I AM A CLASSIC BEAUTY!” Believe it and make sure the classic staples are in your closet.

I found this book published in 1883 on my grandparent’s East Texas farm.  This refined lady was inside. We’ve come a long way, baby!

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