Fall fashion 2010 is by far my favorite season since I began my style journey! All my favorites are finally in…except, of course, the oversized- t shirt- with- pajama bottom- look!! For example, I love the pointy toed flat…it is comfortable and elongates the leg! Now, InStyle Magazine says they are in! I like them with denim as well as business slacks…it just adds a touch of class. You can literally find them anywhere right now. I am envious of all over 50s who can still wear heels. After a painful bunion surgery, I will not go that route again and this style of shoe helps me not to miss the stiletto days as much! Also, now is the time to hit early season sales and pick up a great slouchy, flat, pointy toed boot. My favorites in recent past have been found at ROSS, Dress for Less. Try this look: A form fitting black jacket; a V necked white T; a great pair of jeans; and black pointy toed flats or short black boot!! It’s a classic look and you’ll feel younger, stylish, and a little like Julia Roberts in the final scene of Pretty Woman!!
Pointy Toed Flats Are Classics!!
Gigi Keeps on Stylin’

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