Imitation and Sincere Forms of Style

Not many people know of Charles Caleb Colton; however, most have heard his quote,

“Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery.”

I hope retailers and designers will take that quote to heart when they see a blog like this one. Today’s outfit came solely through imitation of something I spied on the Chico’s website last summer. When I saw Chico’s version of this look, I immediately loved it. But, my shopping at Chico’s usually happens after I have received a special gift and can afford the trip. When I saw this look, I had spent my birthday gift…while I had spent it at Chico’s…it was on other items.

Just for their version of the grey cardigan and multi-strand necklace alone, I would have paid almost $150!

So, I went looking in August to put together my own version with less cash. I found this cardigan at Marshalls for $20.00 and it is the softest knit you will ever touch created by cha cha venti. The necklace, (called a “serious necklace” by a student), was also $20 at Kohl’s on sale with a coupon. I already owned the patterned white Liz Claiborne Blouse, and the bold pin stripe pant is from Lane Bryant. My other accessories included a head band which somehow complimented this look; and the silver earrings by Ethel & Mrytle, Inc….. I actually bought at a nearby Hallmark Shop!

That’s right…while shopping for cards, I got completely distracted with their new jewelry selection. I was surprised to find the creative, bold pieces behind the chocolates!

I asked the manager if it was unique to just their store, and she sweetly said, “No dear. Corporate sends out all the jewelry.” I loved being addressed as if I am a a young housewife! But, nevertheless, I was impressed and whoever the buyer is makes excellent choices at great prices. I would have spent more if I could have (wonderful necklaces!) but, of course, I needed to buy the cards!!

  All in all, Chico’s….I still love you and do get great ideas from you so, when necessary, will imitate.

Current Chico’s Wish List:  (PURPLE!)

This jacket comes in extended sizes at Chico’
I love the artistic print!


  1. If I don't get home and grab the mail in the afternoon my husband will throw all the catalogs out before I've had a chance to look at them.

    I think the styling in catalogs is often more approachable than in magazines so I like to look them over, even if I'm not intending to buy anything, to steal their ideas.

  2. the necklace against the pattern/texture of that blouse is wonderful! And so is the cardigan. I think you could teach me a thing or two about accessories!

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