Day 23

Don’t you just wish that sometimes there was a big STOP SIGN that appears right in front of your face when you are about to make a wrong decision?

This morning I almost made one. Let me stress almost…because though the big STOP SIGN did not appear in my closet, I somehow shook off the fatigue and focused on the blog.

Twenty three days ago I challenged myself to see how long I could go creating different outfits from my closet without shopping for something new. Though the shopping thing has been much harder than I thought, (maybe I am addicted though I insisted that I wasn’t), I have continued to go for a different look every day!

I had to remind myself this morning that I was trying not to repeat an outfit because I was about to reach for a favorite that I recently wore. About that time, I heard the winds blowing outside and it also blew me back to my challenge. This sweater jacket sounded perfect.

I wanted a different white shirt from the one I wore last week, so I selected this one with the sequined collar and cuff. Sometimes these even go unnoticed at work.

My weekend discovery, Marylou, gave me the courage to wear one of the big rings I have accumulated over the years.

One note about the necklace…this one gets more compliments from males every time I wear it. For the life of me, I have no explanation as to why!!

A Special Guest!

Mrs. A & her scarf

The incredibly gorgeous Mrs. A stopped by to show me her new way to tie a scarf.  She said that she learned it from a website she has found that she really likes,

I loved this scarf with a flower pin
from the Jones Design Company Website

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