When Dressing Dawn to Dusk….

Oh What A Night! Beautiful weather…fun road trip…good friends…and a winning game!

We headed out for a two hour drive to the thriving metropolis of Victoria, Texas (population 86,755). It is the home of the best hamburgers found in an eclectic local color spot called Rosebud’s Fountain and Grill, downtown across from the town square. Of course I love to discover an over 50 strong woman owning a business and one who makes wonderful sweet potato fries and sourdough jalapeño hamburger buns is even better.

Guarding the town square

Owner…not Rosebud!

But, her name is not Rosebud! Being a journalism junkie, I wanted the name to come from the 1941 Classic, Citizen Kane (does anyone know who Rosebud was??). But, it actually came from the Victoria Rosebuds, their minor league baseball team during the 60s.

A baby grand; Grapette sign, fall decor; messy desk all
in a main dining room…no place but Texas!

What to wear on Football Friday is not an easy decision…

I go into this knowing that I will hate the outfit by the end of the day, because I wear it from 5:30 am until midnight. It must be professional enough for teaching, but casual enough for spectating!!

One way to look great and
bundle up!  Many school moms
showed up dressed in fashionable
casual attire!

Yesterday, I also had to take into account that the day would start cold….go to the upper 70s….then during the game go to the low 40s.

I also have to remember that there is always a nice walk to the opponent’s stands (which were the type of bleachers resembling the side of a cliff)…and last night four hours in a car!  We pulled into the driveway a little before 2 AM.

With all of that in mind, I went for my colorful Coldwater Creek tweed jacket, with a green duck print cotton shirt, jeans and brown boots. I picked one of my favorite wool scarves to wrap around my neck…a purple Simply Vera from Kohl’s that I bought last year.

Love the Scarf!

But, just as I said…. I hate the whole outfit too much today to post a full view of it on this page!!

Still a bit of mixed patterns

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  1. Sounds like you had fun! Those burgers sound delicious and I like the mixed pattern. It's true that some events present us with seemingly contradictory styling challenges.

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