“You see what I’m doing? This is what I’m about – power suit, power tie, power steering. People can wince, cry, beg, but eventually they do what I want.”

Don’t mess with me!

There are days that I want to send a message. Some days, the message is approachable…some days, it’s creative and whimsical…and then there are days that the message is I AM IN CHARGE…and that requires a power look!

I really hope that if friends had to choose between the two, they would see me more like an Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) from the movie “Hitch” (Columbia Pictures, 2005) than the evil chauvinistic Vance (Jeffrey Donovan). Alex was friendly, helpful, confident, and just an all around good, decent guy. But, I confess occasionally I want to be the one who is a little intimidating!

I love the flow of these Lane Bryant pants

The life of a journalist or a journalism teacher is not for the faint of heart. Whenever you are defending First Amendment rights, there are going to be times when others just don’t get it. Some days I feel as though I am an attorney going to battle on behalf of scholastic journalism. That is why the look can be very important and actually play a role in how I am heard and received.

However, I have trouble going with a true power suit (top & bottom sold together) look. Today, I tried to soften the look some with the Simply Vera Scarf from Kohl’s and a brown & black pin stripe pant. There are many ways to soften and femininize the look, but still cause people to “wince, cry, beg”….you get it!

The scarf is one of my new favorites!

Gigi needed a power look also as
she completes artwork with students
which usually leads to thousands in
scholarship money!


  1. The color is this outfit is beautiful–and the scarf actually softens that "in charge" look. What is the issue you've gone to bat over? Are the kids wanting to talk about W*k*L**ks?

  2. The embellishment on the scarf is so pretty and perfect for the holiday season!
    (And no worries about the boot comment! I knew how you meant it, just teasing!)

  3. Pam, I actually had the pithiest comment posted to your blog. I was actually giggling aloud. Then I hit post comment, thought the deal was sealed and as I hit the back button to return to my blog feed, the word verification popped up on the vanishing screen. World goes into slow motion….NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO……circa Christopher Reeve finding modern penny in his pocket in Somewhere in Time. So, the moment now is lost forever. Twas not meant to be. However, allow me to say that you look absolutely lovely and approachable. I love the way a scarf brings color to the face! ~Serene (waiting for word verfication this time 🙂

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