Running Errands: Pajamas In or Out!

One of my favorites is this Beatles message T -Shirt
that I got for $11.00 at Kohl’s last year with my
pinstripe, silk suit jacket.  I have on really
big earrings from a thrift story…wish they
showed up!

I remember 15 years ago when I was so frazzled from raising three children, that I did not care what I wore for errand running….sweat pants, pajamas, huge T shirts…it did not matter.

Now, I enjoy fixing up when I go to fulfill the smallest need at the grocery, or Wal-Mart, wherever. I have found that I am received and treated better by sales people and often can get extra savings with a smile on my face and a put together look. Now, I know it shouldn’t be that way, but such is life…some people are treated differently according to their look in the world of retail.

In fact a few years ago, my high school journalists went to prove it. They visited one of the newest malls in teams….one dressed preppy and one dressed in rock n roll/ Goth. They observed the way they were treated in different stores. At that time, we were able to give a big “thumbs up” to Forever 21 for treating both with the same servant’s attitude. I won’t mention those who clearly had biases because we did this so long ago. But, I have discovered that shopping is a more pleasant experience if I take the time to look nice. This Christmas season, I have seen some wonderful outfits on 50+ ladies who are out shopping…honestly; they have put the younger ones to shame!

These are the new inexpensive earrings from
yesterday’s post!!  The errands were to
go by school, shopping, and grocery

I promise, I do not wear a black jacket every where…it was
just that way this weekend.


  1. You are right it absolutely makes a difference in how people treat you.
    I say it takes just as much time to throw on a pair of trousers and shirt as it does to throw on a pair of sweats and t. Why not wear the trousers and shirt instead.

  2. Pam–I love these earrings. We shopped a bit yesterday, but the weather was so biting that I dressed primarily for comfort and yet, I found myself noticing others who WERE dressed to kill. Briefly, I felt a bit of shame. This project your students did sounds very interesting.

  3. Your outfit looks great! We do feel better when we fix up. I actually had a clerk at WalMart tell me that "it's okay to wear your pajamas to the store if you just have to run out for something." There's no excuse not to be fully clothed when leaving the house.

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