One of my favorites is this Beatles message T -Shirt
that I got for $11.00 at Kohl’s last year with my
pinstripe, silk suit jacket.  I have on really
big earrings from a thrift story…wish they
showed up!

I remember 15 years ago when I was so frazzled from raising three children, that I did not care what I wore for errand running….sweat pants, pajamas, huge T shirts…it did not matter.

Now, I enjoy fixing up when I go to fulfill the smallest need at the grocery, or Wal-Mart, wherever. I have found that I am received and treated better by sales people and often can get extra savings with a smile on my face and a put together look. Now, I know it shouldn’t be that way, but such is life…some people are treated differently according to their look in the world of retail.

In fact a few years ago, my high school journalists went to prove it. They visited one of the newest malls in teams….one dressed preppy and one dressed in rock n roll/ Goth. They observed the way they were treated in different stores. At that time, we were able to give a big “thumbs up” to Forever 21 for treating both with the same servant’s attitude. I won’t mention those who clearly had biases because we did this so long ago. But, I have discovered that shopping is a more pleasant experience if I take the time to look nice. This Christmas season, I have seen some wonderful outfits on 50+ ladies who are out shopping…honestly; they have put the younger ones to shame!

These are the new inexpensive earrings from
yesterday’s post!!  The errands were to
go by school, shopping, and grocery

I promise, I do not wear a black jacket every where…it was
just that way this weekend.

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