I got this great light weight jacket in the current
Coldwater Creek clearance for $19!  It’s 59% cotton and
41% Linen…I love the khaki ribbon detailing!
Reminds me of SPRING!

This is the time of year when hope blossoms just a little bit….after January some begin to see little glimpses of seasonal changes…the hope of spring to come. March is just four weeks away, and, as Maria sang, “spring will come again.”

Today’s post is dedicated to the need for spring! I read so many blogs each week where struggles within are evident….some are battling self- acceptance….some relationship issues….some the struggles of serious illness either their own or a loved one….some are bummed by the intense winter weather itself….we all have our individual struggles.

We have been assessing all weekend a break in at our home….this comes at a time when I have been working with a doctor to get my health in better shape that will require some big changes in days to come (which I will share with you later); planning a wedding and all of the stress which surrounds it; and many changes with my job; my freelance writing ramping up so to speak; and helping my son work through disappointments and what his future after high school holds.

One of the ways I deal with “the winter of my discontent” is my sense of humor. We have laughed as we imagined the thieves walking in our bathroom and being frightened by the hat rack full of scarves (it looks like a colorful Cousin It) or opening our son’s bedroom door and thinking as they saw chaos, “Oh someone already has been here!” 

Also, I take things one day at a time….I only have to go to the blogs to see that my issues are miniscule compared to some of you….I try to take my focus off of me and place it on others….and I pray without ceasing.

Finally, it might sound materialistic, but….a spring outfit or saturated color can brighten me up any day!! In the midst of winter, we all need a little spring. Now, just hum the tune to WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS and sing: “ We need a little springtime…right this very minute…we need a little springtime and the sunshine that comes with it…yes we need a little springtime…right this very minute…we need a little springtime…NOW!!  I can’t hear you….sing out loud!!

Jacket: Coldwater Creek
Brown Blouse: Lane Bryant
Liz Claiborne Denim Skirt: Macys
Brown Boots: Ross
Earrings: Chicos

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