Safari Style: Hunting for ways to
avoid unhealthy eating!!

The day was my version of walking through a mine field. Valentine’s Day….working in a school….on a restrictive diet….was one of the most miserable experiences I have been through in a long time. Around every corner was a chocolate covered strawberry…..a luscious truffle….or a brownie piled high with buttercream icing. Our precious parents loaded up the teacher workroom with mountains of quiche…candies….croissants….tea sandwiches….dips….chips……luscious desserts of every kind imaginable. I fixated on food all day.

Misery….but to date I have lost six pounds and truly desire to keep it going. To be healthy and feel better is important to me. So, for the first time since I have been a teacher (12 years)…I walked away with a fruit plate and not a plate piled high with everything!! I did succumb later in the day to a small sampling of chocolate…and I was slightly up on the scales this morning…so NO MORE!

Instead, I will wear chocolate….like I have done today!! It will have to be my therapy!! Also, one of this morning’s headlines was that clothing prices may go up 10% this next year.  
  But, never fear, there are just too many great ways to avoid high prices in fashion. The Dana Buchman jacket that I am wearing today is a great example. Last week Kohl’s had its Valentine’s Day sale….the jacket was already marketed down. I took a $10 cash coupon from a previous purchase…combined it with a $10 off coupon from the newspaper…combined it with a 15% off coupon from their email…..and was able to purchase this $90 jacket for $25.00!! One day last year, I stopped by Avenue and they were clearing off a clearance rack…I purchased the brown trousers I am wearing today for $5.00!! The scarf is from the Chico’s outlet at one of the Tanger Outlet Malls!! You can do this, ladies….NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!!

This color combo is one of my favorites
as evidenced by the colors on the wall
and carpet of my home!  I love to see
animal prints with safari green!!

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